Thank You For Great Pastries Chef Hasset Go...

It is a sad day for bakers and chefs today with the passing of the young and talented MedChef Hasset Go, who has succumbed to liver cancer just today. He was known to be a great pastry chef which grew with the MedChef brand. I was able to meet him in occasions, and even had a feature on him at the Il Mercanti event 3 years ago.

His story as a chef has inspired a lot of people, and his works was also enjoyed by celebrities and has been featured in all forms of media. His older brother also died with the same disease just hours after making wedding vows with her girlfriend which became viral.

Just months after his brother's passing, it was also discovered that he is is afflicted with a disease which was not yet revealed as cancer to the public. Then as months passed, there has been several benefit events that will support his treatment. 

In just these recent months that the disease was revealed, as well as his look undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, it was announced by his brother that he lost the battle. 

It is truly sad that he left at at young age (we are actually of the same age), and I envy his achievements and talent in cooking and baking which are things I also love to do. I can still say that his dessert tower is the best I tasted. 

You will be truly missed, Chef Hasset Go. 


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