Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cowboy Grill Celebrates It's 24th Anniversary

This Filipino restaurant bar continues to thrive by retaining its classic live bands roots with new innovations 

Cowboy Grill, the beloved restaurant and bar known for its live bands and good food, celebrates its 24th anniversary with new innovations and new product concepts.

Established by its founding chairman Leopoldo L. Prieto, who brought the first Shakey's Pizza restaurant in the Philippines, the first Cowboy Grill started when Shakey's decided to shift to a family-oriented restaurant from a food outlet with live entertainment. To retain the live band concept, the owners decided to establish Cowboy Grill, right next to Shakey's.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cowboy Grill Keeps The Party Going For 24 Years

Opening a new restaurant might have its own challenges, but maintaining one that will most likely survive the changing food landscape and thrive for a long time requires the right strategies.

And through the years, Cowboy Grill has found the right recipe for success - maintaining good menu that is reasonably priced, having discerning eye for latest trends, and keeping diligent employees who take pride in their work.

“One of our success points is, we have a strong grasp of our brand concept. We know what we want, and what direction we are heading. We want Cowboy Grill to be the best place that provide guests with high quality entertainment and premium products that are reasonably price and served promptly by friendly employees. We envision it to be the go-to place where everyone - regardless of age - can enjoy and party the night away,” said Mr. Erickson Caper, marketing manager of Cowboy Grill.

With this clear vision comes the necessary strategies and operational elements that enable Cowboy Grill to position itself in the dining industry and take a huge slice of the market.

Operated by Golden Pizza Inc., Cowboy Grill anchors its business to good, sumptuous menu that suits even the most discerning customers. For the past 24 years, it has been serving a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes and drinks. Its bestsellers include Sisig dishes, Crispy Pata, Buffalo Wings, and Nachos. It also serves pasta and chicken meals, as well as pizza choices such as Cowboy Especiale, Nachos Pizza, All-Meat Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Sisig Supreme, and Manila Pizza, among others.

For group dining, Cowboy Grill has Mega Sampler, composed of Sisig, Inihaw na Pusit, Inihaw na Bangus, Cheese Sticks, Camaron Rebosado, Chicken Wings, Pork BBQ and French Fries, which comes with a choice of Beeer Barrel or Tropang Tagayan (three liters of preferred drinks).

Aside from food, probably the biggest draw why people head to Cowboy Grill is its live bands, providing high-quality entertainment every night. Cowboy Grill has a roster of approximately 30 bands performing different music genres. The bands have already gained their strong following among its customers.

“When we conducted a survey on why people visit Cowboy Grill, 40 percent says because of the bands. About 28 percent comes here for our food. That says a lot on how we run our business. If the people don't like the repertoire of the band performing that day, we already lost about half of our customers. We really depend on the bands' ability to read the crowd. Fortunately, our bands can adapt easily on the latest music trends.

In this business, we recognize the need to keep up to date with the latest trends. We have to identify the trends and adapt rapidly to meet the consumers' needs and wants. That is how we remain the leader in the industry.”

Another key element for its success is its solid management, giving high regard to its employees. Cowboy Grill has been working to give its employees and key personnel a good work atmosphere that fosters professionalism, teamwork, productivity, growth, and integrity. It instills on its employees a pride in the company.

“We are past that stage where we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition. What we are focusing now is how to keep our share of the market pie, while leveraging on our strengths.”

Friday, June 1, 2018

Jollibee back-to-school toys make learning more fun and exciting

This June, young kids can have more fun while learning new things and doing school work as they go through enjoyable adventures with Jollibee and friends—their Jollibee School Pals.

Available with every Jolly Kiddie Meal, the Jollibee School Pals is a set of back-to-school toys, each with different functions, that enable kids to be more creative at home and inside the classroom.

Young students can use the Jollibee Sharpener to keep their pencils from getting dull as they watch Jollibee spin around. With the Hetty Tape Dispenser, they can make Hetty turn as they pull strips of adhesive tape for their school projects.

Good Relationship With Employees At The Core Of Cowboy Grill's Business Stategy

In an industry with a high employment turnover rate, store supervisor Rose Fernandez has never thought about leaving Cowboy Grill, a restaurant operated by Golden Pizza Inc. For the past four years, she has been working at the food outlet, in increasingly senior roles.

Her career in the food service industry started when she was just 18 years old, as a part-timer. That time, she was burning the midnight oil finishing her Mass Communication degree at the Polytechnic University, while working at Cowboy Grill to earn enough money for her education.

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