Monday, November 28, 2022

Jollibee brings back the all-out joy of Pinoy Christmas in ‘Sarap ng Pasko’ campaign

Jollibee and its creative agency Publicis JimenezBasic (PJB) show the kind of Christmas that Pinoys love and have longed for in the fast-food chain’s latest ad for the holidays. Titled “Sa Jollibee, Sarap ng Pasko!”, the video depicts different exciting reunions and celebrations of families, made even better with best-tasting Jollibee favorites like Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and Burger Steak.

While the past two Christmases have veered away from the usual holiday festivities that Filipinos are known for, Christmas in 2022 is shaping up to be much brighter and exciting. Pinoys now look forward to making up for the missed celebrations and once again sharing the all-out joy this season – and Jollibee hopes to capture this in the video and its upbeat jingle.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Celebrate a more joyful Christmas by sharing ‘Sarap ng Pasko’ with Jollibee’s Buy One, Gift One delivery promo

It’s the season of giving once again, and Jollibee has made it much easier for customers to share the joy of Christmas with people outside of their immediate circles. Through Jollibee's Buy One, Gift One delivery promo in partnership with the Jollibee Group Foundation, more Filipino families will get to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with great-tasting food.

From November 16 to December 15, customers who order any of the participating Family Pans via the Jollibee App will be able to donate pans of the same variant to underprivileged families. Farmer communities, homes for seniors and the differently abled are just some of the groups that will benefit and have an extra joyful holiday salu-salo this season with every Family Pan ordered by customers.

Simply head to the promos page of the Jollibee App and pick from any of the participating Family Pans: Jolly Spaghetti Pan (P220), Palabok Family Pan (P456), Double Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan (P439), Family Pan Duo (P649), 8-pc. Burger Steak Family Pan (P410), 8-pc. Burger Steak with Jolly Spaghetti Familiy Pan (P590), or 8-pc. Burger Steak with Palabok Family Pan. Every purchase will then be matched by Jollibee and donated to selected Jollibee Group Foundation beneficiaries across the country.

So, this Christmas, mas pasarapin at pasayahin pa natin ang Pasko! Join Jollibee’s Buy One, Gift One Delivery promo via the Jollibee App and share the joy! For more info and updates, visit, follow Jollibee on Facebook at, and on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok at @Jollibee.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

McDonald’s serves up a thrilling roster to satisfy all your spicy chicken cravings – including the return of the McSpicy

Give your tastebuds a spicy kick with the Spicy McDo and the Spicy McNuggets, too!

Filipinos take great pride in being one of the world’s biggest and most adventurous eaters. We have seen it proven time and time again in many scenarios – we don’t hold back when it comes to throwing birthday feasts with family and friends, our appetite for scrumptious street food is unlike any other, and we never back down from a spicy meal.

And speaking of spicy, we never say no to a challenge – you’ve probably tried the Spicy Noodle Challenge with friends at least once to dare your taste buds or have dabbed some hot sauce here and there to your meals to give them a sizzling kick!

Given our love for anything and everything spicy, McDonald’s has some burning tricks up their sleeve with the launch of their spicy chicken range, perfect for checking-off all your spicy cravings! Take your taste buds (and sweat glands!) to the test with the Spicy Chicken McDo and the return of two highly-anticipated fan favorites: the McSpicy and Spicy McNuggets.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Mang Inasal wins Miss Earth Australia’s heart in her mukbang

Mang Inasal, the country's Grill Expert, has a new fan --  Miss Earth Australia 2022 Sheridan Mortlock!

In one of her recent posts on her Instagram Story, Mortlock shared with fans her excitement over getting to try Mang Inasal for the first time.

“We’re eating good tonight”, she gushed in one post, where she can be seen holding Mang Inasal’s latest offering, the Mang Inasal Family Fiesta.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

McDonald’s Philippines wins Digital Resiliency Award at the Future Enterprise Awards 2022

The International Data Corporation (IDC) Philippines recently announced that Golden Arches Development Corporation (McDonald’s Philippines) is the winner of the Digital Resiliency award for the Future of Enterprise Awards (FEA) 2022 Philippines. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, McDonald’s put together a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) with concurrent workstreams to respond to immediate business needs, and prepare for the future. These cross-functional groups implemented digital and technology solutions that enabled operational efficiency, productivity, user experience, safety, and addressed the well-being of employees and communities in need. 

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Pocky day 11.11 - Take the Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge and tap into the joy of gift-giving

Share Happiness with your loved ones on social media!

Glico Philippines, Inc. is celebrating Pocky day (11.11) this November 11, 2022 with a new TikTok challenge that combines the Filipino culture of gift-giving with a cute Pocky trend popularized in Japan. The Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok Challenge is perfect for those looking to showcase their love to the ones they hold dearest.

Every year since, Glico celebrates Pocky day globally on 11.11, because this popular Japanese snack that everyone loves looks like the number “1” 

Friday, November 4, 2022

Extend your McDonald’s Halloween celebration at home with Happy Meal O’Clock!

If you missed Halloween face-to-face celebrations this year, or if you just can’t have enough spookiness, you can still join in the fun with McDonald’s Happy Meal O’ Clock: Virtual Halloween Party! You are in for an afternoon of surprise treats, unique bonding activities and many more!

The Grand McDonald’s Fun Day is back with a ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Fest!

Boo! Ronald McDonald and The Gang make an appearance during the Spooktacular Halloween Fest.

Parents and their children enjoyed fun, feel-good moments in time for Halloween as McDonald’s brought back its Grand McDonald’s Fun Day Culminating Event with the theme, “Monsters Ball: A Spooktacular Fright Fest!”

As the 1st-ever Grand McDonald’s Fun Day Culminating Event in the past two years— McDonald’s took kids’ Halloween experience to the next level while keeping them safe and entertained, in a day filled with exciting activities, cool and ‘spooktacular’ stations, and their favorite McDonald’s meals.

Around 2500 kids and their families from different parts of Metro Manila participated in the morning and afternoon sessions of the event held at the SMX Convention Center Manila which featured fun Halloween-themed activity booths such as the The Helter Skelter Hall, Grave Garden, Ghastly Gallery, and Candlesticks Cavern along with a special program featuring song and dance performances by Ronald and the Gang. 

Kids try out the Candlestick Cavern booth while getting cheers from their families.

The Ghastly Gavern booth surely entices both parents and children who love digital games. 

The fun didn’t stop there as 342 McDonald’s stores all over the country have also participated in this year’s in-store Halloween Fun Days which saw close to 40,000 attendees who were welcomed with fun activities, a Halloween costume showcase, exciting games, their favorite McDonald’s favorites, and updates on the McDonald’s latest promos. 

The Grand McDonald’s Fun Day Culminating Event was done in step with the company’s continued commitment to being M Safe by implementing safety practices to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness across channels, occasions, and events. All customers, especially families, can be assured that dining-in or visiting any McDonald’s gathering is done safely with measures like provision of hand sanitizers, proper venue ventilation with a fresh air supply system, and 100% fully vaccinated store crew and employees. 

Parents and their children enjoyed a safe and feel-good Halloween treat with the return of the Grand McDonald's Fun Day.

This year, McDonald’s also brought back the McDo Party— welcoming parents and children once again to celebrate birthdays and other milestones inside its restaurants. 

With spacious, sanitized party areas, lively and energetic hosts, and party perks for both celebrants and guests—there’s a McDo Party for everyone with a variety of party packages and exciting themes to choose from like crowd-favorites Happy, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Thomas & Friends. 

The Halloween Fun Day also prepared games in collaboration with McDonald’s partners.

Guests gather in the hall as Ronald McDonald and The Gang prepare a production segment for them.

The McDo Birthday Party package includes a completely decorated Party area full hosting, 30 invitations inclusive of party hats, activity tray mats, balloons; 10 guest giveaways, assorted game prizes, and a free gift for the celebrant. 

Guests enjoy discounted rates for Happy Meal toys from the McDonald’s Bazaar Booth.

“We are very excited to welcome back more families to our stores or in other face to face events like the McDonald’s Halloween Fun Day. After two years, children can once again experience fun, feel-good moments outside their homes, all while still staying safe. Our customers can expect even more fun activities and events like these from McDonald’s soon,” says Kenneth S. Yang, President and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Philippines.

To stay updated, please visit McDonald’s website at for more information. McDonald’s also encourages customers to send their feedback to

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