Thursday, December 18, 2014

Easy and Yummy:Bistro's E-GC for the Holidays

Bistro finally has the perfect gift for the holidays! 

Introducing the Bistro E-GC and Premiere Card! Your fool-proof gift this holidays for your friends and loved ones. Just choose the amount you wanna give, click on it, and send. Sending your gift has never been this easy and yummy! You can use the E-GC and Premiere Card at all Bistro Concept restaurants. For more details, head on to

Monday, December 15, 2014

Planning a party? Call a beer!

What a relief not having someone go to the grocery, having to wait in those long lines just to buy a pack or two of beer (not to mention ice and cups!) Call a beer makes it easy. All you have to do is give us a call, tell us what type of beer you want and how many and we will have it delivered over to your house. You ring we bring! It’s delivered to your door steps. It’s in a specially branded cooler, absolute zero degree

Call a beer delivery comes in handy a lot. If there is a party, or get together with some friends to watch a sporting event, beer is a good addition to have for people to sit back and relax with. Instead of picking up the car keys, or daring to walk to your nearest grocery or store, pick up the phone and Call a Beer! It’s the safest way to have fun with the convenience of at-your -doorstep delivery!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Grace Lee's Venture Hoolala Korean Chicken Opens In Ortigas!

We do have to admit that the Koreans has introduced us into many new cuisines with the boom of Korean themed restaurants and serving Bulgogi, Kimchi and Bibimbap. DJ-Host Grace Lee recently embarks on a new point of her career here in the Philippines by having her own restaurant that serves authentic Korean Chicken with Hoolala Korean Chicken in Ortigas Center.

Located in Escrive Drive (near Astoria and Shaw boulevard), Hoolala opened its doors to serve Korean Chicken. And unlike the usual, they come up with a very affordable menu yet authentic Korean Chicken to the core as she is also working with her mother in this enterprise. 

Hoolala represents the fruition of Grace’s dream of showcasing her family’s closely-guarded culinary concoctions for several generations now. With her mom overseeing the kitchen’s day-to-day operations, Grace makes sure that all the little details ensure quality, consistency, as well as the restaurant’s claim to authenticity.

New And Improved Dencio's Opens at Harbor Square

What would be the best thing to do after work or the weekend? Of course, food trips and get together is always fun and that is one of the reason, many would dine in at Dencio's Bar and Grill.

From the food and drinking culture of Pinoys to have it celebrated in a bar with drinks and shared food. Sort of a mini fiesta in some way. And this has been the loyal patrons of Dencio's and they have also decided to provide something more for them as they also join the growing Max's Group Inc which helps them in creating new concepts and marketing strategies for the brand.

When it first opened it doors, Dencio's Bar and Grill brought the eclectic flavor of the barrio to the urban metropolis. Twenty-tree years later, the homegrown brand is revisiting the same idea that made it one of the country's favorite dining traditions.They recently unveiled a new store concept in its branch in Harbor Square at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The location is highly coveted for the great view of Manila Bay as well as its located in CPP where culture and arts happens everyday.

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