FOOD STOPS: Kamuning Bakery And Cafe

When we had the impromptu Food Crawl in Quezon City, we have encountered.  have been to this historic bakery which was established way back in 1939. Although it was brief and the cafe part was still in the works.

Regarded as Quezon City’s first bakery, Kamuning Bakery is more of an artisanal  and pugon-style type of bakery. It is also historical and also a place where key figures of Philippine entertainment and politics also buy their favorite breads.

On Independence day, we went back to Kamuning Bakery to celebrate liberation with their menu that they now offer on the newly opened cafe. The Cafe, which used to be a space rented for other tenants like a dentist clinic, a salon etc. But since the lot was acquired by current owner Mr. Wilson Lee Flores, he developed it into a cafe that will compliment the bakery beside it.

Kamuning Bakery Cafe serves all-day breakfast meals of diverse pasta choices, rice meals or sandwiches with Third Wave or artisanal coffee, tea, juices, chocolate tablea. They also offer cakes, fried chicken with fries, and still looking for more food options as customers give their recommendations and positive reviews.

The artisanal and pugon-style bakery still opens daily at 5 a.m., while its restored and now air-conditioned Kamuning Bakery Café is open from 7 a.m. to 12 midnight daily in the same address since 1939: No. 43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st Street, Kamuning, Quezon City (near Caltex of Kamuning Road).

It has also revived a lot of its old traditional breads, cookies and cakes, plus adding modern cakes of all kinds baked in its antique pugon or wood-fired brick oven, such as birthday or wedding cakes, and many others. The No. 1 bestseller is still the pugon-baked Pan de Suelo breads. Since 1939, a lot of showbiz and political celebrities, writers, musicians, artists and people from all walks of life patronize Kamuning Bakery.

To differentiate it from many foreign cafes and bakeries coming to the Philippines from the West and Asia, Kamuning Bakery’s new owner and writer Wilson Lee Flores introduced Filipino-inspired innovations like chicken sisig pasta, tawilis pasta, longganisa pasta, Kamuning iced tea, Kamuning chicken basket (traditional fried chicken), Benguet province Arabica coffee beans brewed into latte or cappuccino or other drinks using an imported Italian coffee maker machine, native chocolate tablea drinks, etc.

Kamuning Bakery and Cafe everyday attracts new and existing customers that ranges from the common folks in the area to people of fame and power that has kept the tradition of great bread. And with a list of breads that seems to be extinct with other bakeshops, Kamuning Bakery will soon add them into their roster.

Kamuning Bakery Cafe is located at No. 43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st Street, near Kamuning Road, Quezon City, Metro Manila, The Philippines

Telephone numbers: 7945045, 9292216
Office Tels: 4112311, 3326066, 4151692, 4126685 Telefax: 4126685

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