FOOD STOPS : Kuppa Roastery and Cafe

Coffee shop might have become a common place in the metro but to find a Roastery is a different story. To get those perfectly roasted coffee beans, one should have the right equipment and knowledge to make its a true coffee experience.

Kuppa (pronounced as Kahpah) Roastery and Cafe is that place where we can get to know more about coffee more than we ever knew. They opened a store in Bonifacio Global City near St. Lukes and beside Singapore Food Republic. And yes, more than coffee and tea, they also have more in store.

We were introduced with what is unique about Kuppa, the roasting machine. This live method in store brings out that coffee aroma at the counter. And since you can see beans roasted live, you know they are at their best quality. Also what food goes best with our beverage of choice.

But before that, we go with their menu that offers Filipino and Italian cuisine,
Insalata Kuppa
Salad Green, Aragula, reduced balsamic dressing, walnuts and blue cheese.

Proscuitto and Pumpkin
Proscuitto, honey roasted pumpkin, pesto on ciabatta
Cristina Pizza
Kuppa's signature pizza, mozzarella, balsamic gorgonzola, figs and grapes
Proscuitto ed Arugula
Proscuitto ed Arugula dressed with olive oil

Fruitti di Mare Pasta
Seafood pasta with cream sauce
Crispy Pata
Traditional 'fall off the bone' crispy pata served with three delicious sauces (liver sauuce, vinegar and apple)
Lamb Caldereta
Kuppa's take on the classical Spanish Caldereta, served with bell pepper and olives
Pan Seared Snapper
Pan Seared fish with potatoes served with creamy mushroom sauce
US beef tenderloin wih mushrooms sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and garlic

Now were done with the dishes, we still have room for tea and coffee!

First we tasted their signature teas like the Jasmine Dragon Pearl, Artisan Tea, and the Casablanca Mint

Now for the coffee,  I just discovered that there is no need to put sweeteners or creamers to coffee when you have the right dessert to pair it up with. But of course, both should complement each other.

Hineleban with apple tart
A local brew but has  that strong rich flavor and fruity taste goes well with the sweet apple goodness of the tart.

Sumatra Mandheling with Matt's Choco cake
Choco plus coffee may spell mocha but this combination makes it stand out for their own taste and not just the combined bitter plus sweet formula

Ben's Cappucino with Strawberry Kiss

With the frothy texture goes well with the creamy and sweet taste of the strawberry kiss cake


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