Food Discoveries: Mamangs Sizzlers and Grill

Quezon City still has an Amazon Forrest of Food finds awaiting to be discovered but thrives and is integrating with the community. Indeed local Grills and Restaurants may not located in prime locations like the malls but always go the extra mile in terms of taste and serving. 

And just along Durian st. and Anonas street, Mamang's Sizzlers and Grill provides an oasis of foodies along the busy streets. Near populated establishments and provides a al fresco dining experience of Filipino Grill favorites such as barbecue, Sisig, Crispy Pata etc.

Although not as a big as the others, its presence is noticeable from the large banner that is also visible even at night. They offer a great aroma of choices from ulam (viands), meats, and even some desserts.

But one more thing that set Mamang's apart is their BULASIN (Bulalong Sinigang) which is their own concoction and gives them something new for their patrons. A mix of good beef with the semi-sour soup of sinigang makes it their banner for homecooking.  Meat selections include steaks like T-bone and burger steaks that are juicy yet simple.

It is no fine dining but pours their passion for serving hungry bellies, with students and teachers nearby, it is also a great tambayan for lunch and after school. 

The business was formed with a group of friends who had passion for food. And it is a practical choice to start with the grill and carienderia. They hope that in the future they will open up a new branch given the reception of Mamang's in the area. And I hope they do, so that they can also send the good taste of steaks and BulaSin to the Metro. 


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