FOOD STOPS: Berting's Grill

Craving for that all Pinoy cusine with a little twist and a whole lot more. BERTING'S GRILL located in Tomas Morato and Ortigas are the answer to satisfy your Pinoy taste. Bringing family and friends together for lunch and dinner is what we do most and makes our relationships stronger with bonding, conversations and celebrations. Berting's Grill gives you a whole lot more with also a great place to dine and also enjoy great music and sometime have a simple dart game. Yes! they have a dart room for that.

Of course, we came here for the food which are not new to us but have this nice selection perfect for meat, fish and vegetable lovers. I think I love them all hehehe... Now for starters we have chicken skin which we usually see on the streets and now part of their menu. Unlike the street version, it is not over coated with flour to keep the chicken skin texture and taste, and its better when dipped in vinegar.

They also have chili wraps, not really the labuyo ones but great appetizers for those who want to get a kick before going to the main course. For fish lovers you can feast on the Fish Dory which is bigger that the others which is a great value for your money.

Still on the spice trip? why not try the Bicol Express which is the hottest I ever tasted. Like the way Bicolanos wanted the dish to be. The night now gets sinful with a taste of their best seller the Lechon Kawali. With Bicol Express on the side makes a hot and crunchy combination. Another best seller is the Lechong Manok which is another contender for the Highly recommended for this restaurant. It stays true with the tastiness of chicken and a great alternative for those who are fed up with just regular friend chicken.

Now, another favorite of mine would be the Kare Kare plate which the parts are separated like the meat, the Kare Kare sauce, vegetables and the bagoong. Though some restaurants also offer this kind of separate serving, what I loved about the plate is the Kare Kare sauce which is a win for my taste. Adding the meat and the others makes it better.

After battling with these great dishes, time to cool off with everybody's favorite Leche Flan. Indeed a perfect dessert to cap off your Pinoy Food trip.
 We can't take our eyes off this simple yet enticing dish. The Adobong Kangkong made me feel like its a home-cooked meal with improvements of additional ingredients. Among all the dishes, this is the one I find time to finish and savor the sauce. Fellow blogger Ruth also loved this dish and she is indeed interested to know how it is made. Well I don't need to bother since this mystery makes it more delicious and the looks of it makes sure that it really made with fresh ingredients.