FOOD NEWS: GSM Blueniversity Enrollment Ongoing!

Its June, and its enrollment. Its the time of the year again where students everywhere in the country are rushing to fall in line and pay for their tuition, where students immidiately conjuring up images of terror professors and boring classes to endure, and where students are waving goodbye to a glorious summer. That's right, schools about to start, doesn't mean the fun has to end.

From the makers of GSM Blue, the drink that's incredibly smooth and light, holds this year's GSM Blueniversity, a hands-on and fun filled program and workshop that teaches anyone how to mix drinks and flair-tend like a pro in a liesurely environment. That's right because school has started, dosen't mean you can't have any fun learning.

GSM Blue first became a hit among people who simply enjoyed the act of drinking with friends, since it is a shared experience that strengthens and creates bonds among people. Due to GSM Blue's sweet and smooth taste, individuals started mixing drinks creating a storm with drinkers and party-goers all over the country.

With the act of mixing becomes a trend it became a formal workshop from its humble beginings in mixing driks in a friend's house to school courses. A yearly program by GSM Blue, the goal of GSM University is to educate HRM students, future bartenders-at-heart on how to be confident, knowledgeable, and capable in the realm of bartending and mixing drinks.
To give everyone a sneak peak into this year's Bluniversity, bloggers and guests were invited to A-venue's Capone's Bistro where everyone had an exciting and action packed training session with basic modues on cocktail mixing and flair tending that were taught the best GSM Blue mixes that could easily made at home or at any tambayan.
Bloggers were also given a chance to mix their own drinks and the best mix was declared the winner and awarded with cool GSM Premium items. I participated in one of the competitions for mixing up a cocktail. Luckily all of us were declared winners.

Another interesting game is the sipping cocktails in small cups and a straw, to find who is worthy to be called  the Valedictorian-Toma Cum Laude of the night, and this was awarded to Mommy Lariza Garcia, best student in an elaborate "graduating ceremony" where the other participants get to recieve certicicates as well.

Aside from drinking, mixing, and enjoying the smooth taste of GSM Blue, guest were also treated to an exciting show by GSM falir-tenders, showing such prowess in tosssing, balancing, and flipping bottles in the air. Guests were no doubt in awe at their amazing display of skill.

Just because school is back doesn't mean the fun has to end, and this year's GSM Blueniversity attests to that and was definitely not one to be missed. GSM Blueniversity was proof that the event is a fun and great venue for HRM students and budding bartenders to know about mixing cocktails and flair tending. There's an old saying that goes alcohol is the anethesia by which we endure life's operations so why not enjoy the sheer bliss of mixing and drinking your own smooth GSM Blue concoctions right now? 



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