Figaro never fails to surprize us as it is not just your ordinary coffee store but also a place where you can dine and enjoy your time. Plus they also have wifi for those who loves to stay connected. Now we have stopped by another Figaro store (Shangri La Plaza, 3rd floor) for new meals that they offer. These are the SPOON MEALS by Figaro.

For this offer they have two variants available and each is paired with a drink of your choice, either iced or brewed coffee or iced tea. The first is the CHICKEN THYME IN CREAMY CHEESE SAUCE (Php 215). Served with buttered corn and carrots and rice. These semi-bite sized portions are really packed with delicious chicken with the thyme just right to bring out the flavor. The creamy cheese  adds flair to the dish as it neutralizes the solid chicken texture. More than a plateful of colors, it serves a very full meal.
Now next is CHICKEN ALA KING (Php 215) made from diced chicken in special creamy sauce with vegetables served with buttered corn and carrots, steamed rice and your choice of  iced or brewed coffee or iced tea. A regular dish at parties and usually served with bread but also perfect with rice. With a rich creamy texture and taste of peppers and mushrooms.And since I do love creamy dishes makes this one my favorites. 
These dishes are perfect for people who wants to reward themselves after a hard days work. And indeed these dish combination served with drinks makes you enjoy your day at Figaro's. No need for a knife because its perfect for a spoonful of flavor and delight.
Also when you have your spoon meals you can also take a bite on these delicious desserts that brings out more smiles on your taste-buds. These are the Old English Matrimonial bar and The Banana Hazelnut Turnover.  Distinctively different but both gives your sweet tooth a treat with the right fruity goodness. Among the two I chose the Banana Hazelnut Turnover as it is oozing with sweet banana filling, not too hot nor too cold, but just right and easy to chew. The Matrimony Bar on the other hand is crunchy yet very tasty and even the bread crumbs are fun to eat.

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