Bubble Tea For You and Me!

Fudfyt is a big fan of Japanese food, it so obvious that almost the post here are of the japanese cuisine but of course it should have something very unique that one would take great interest and have a food trip at these establishments and for this post, we now look at Bubble Tea Restaurant!
I have seen this store since I am a regular patron of SM Megamall wherein the first branch was opened. I was very curious about this resto but from afar it seems small to be a restaurant, but actually it was its unique feel, like its menu that offers the Japanese variety with a western twist.

I had the chance to try what they offer when I attended their bloggers' night at their branch in Tomas Morato. It was a food trip heaven, as each platter stimulates the eyes and also makes mouth water. The servings were very fulfilling with each bite. Even a gladiator foodie like me waved my white flag of defeat, but of blissful defeat. Perfect for small and large gatherings, you would really take the time to savor and enjoy their specialty.
Speaking of specialty, of course, the famous Bubble tea stands out like the innovative taste of the japaneese plus the sweet loving appetite of Pinoys. Unlike the 'sago' drink that others offer, Bubble takes this one to a new level as the tapioca pearls are of different sizes that gives it a distinct feel and flavor, hence like bubbles in a soda, it makes the drink really fun to drink. Some of the flavors available are Chocolate, Strawberry, Almond, Coffee, Red Beans, Taro and Honeydew to name a few.  I personally liked Taro and Coffee as it fits mylifestyle as a hectic person but also a simple dude. Thus you can always find yourself in every flavor that they have.

Must tries on the menu would be, their gyudon, takoyaki and shushis. The owners knew that these are already known japanese dishes but should have a new and flavorful taste. They said that they manufacture most of the materials and supplies needed for each dish.

Later on this week, actually just a while ago, me and my friends went to bubble tea in Megamall to have our weekly food trip. I actually ordered Tereyaki Chicken Don, which is made my tummy full at the first part of the food trip. My friends also ordered the same thing and also Pork Tonkatsu. They also tasted bubble tea glasses of Honeydew and Almond flavor. 

If you want to experience a new twist in Japanese cuisine you can visit a Bubble tea branch near you. They currently have the stores in Megamall, Tomas Morato, and North EDSA and soon to open in Wilson st., Greenhills.

While you at it you can join their PICHUR PICHUR contest and have the chance to win a Nikon S230! For more details, you can visit their fan page and give them a big 'LIKE'!


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