Getting kids into the milk drinking habit

A healthy body and mind are crucial to a strong future.  Therefore, it is important that kids start early in getting the proper nutrition through the food that they eat.  When it comes to this, milk is considered to be one of nature’s nutritious foods.

Milk is a nutritionally loaded food drink, being a good source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Protein, all essential in the proper growth and development of bones and teeth.

New Birch Tree Fortified Milk has all these nutrients and a lot more.  This is a great tasting milk drink that is particularly suited to the Filipino palette.   It is also the only brand with FibroBoost, a unique set of nutrients fortified with Zinc, Vitamin C and Iron, further enhanced by Inulin Fiber.  Inulin Fiber is proven to help the body absorb up to 18% more Calcium.  “Taking Calcium is not enough.  We should ensure that it is properly absorbed by the body to reap its optimum benefits.  And because New Birch Tree Fortified has a great taste, we are positive that kids will continue to drink this milk” said Leah Macalincag, Senior Product Manager of Birch Tree milk brands.

Starting young is key to a better and healthier future.  Thus, New Birch Tree Fortified has entered into a partnership with the Department of Education and Marylindbert International in an advocacy entitled “Me and My Milk”.  This program aims to encourage school age kids to regularly drink milk at home and even in school, through innovative education programs, learning materials and activities.  “Dairy per capita consumption in the Philippines is still low compared with other Asian countries.  What better way to encourage milk drinking habit in the country than partnering with the Department of Education” said Edwin Africa, Vice President and General Manager of Snow Mountain Dairy Corp.

New Birch Tree Fortified will bring this advocacy program to different public schools in the Philippines to encourage regular milk drinking.  Initially the advocacy will be brought to the following regions:  National Capital Region (NCR), Central Luzon (Region 3), Calabarzon (Region 4A) and Ilocos Region (Region 1).  Birch Tree Fortified will provide free educational materials to benefit educators, parents and students.

New Birch Tree Fortified is manufactured for Century Pacific Food Inc.  It also is responsible for such brands as Angel Evaporada, Angel Kremdensada, Home Price Sinigang Mix and Kaffe de Oro Coffee among others.

New Birch Tree Fortified is now available at leading supermarkets, groceries and market stalls nationwide.


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