Bringing Out The Best From Figaro Latte Art Championship 2014

Figaro Coffee Company does not only provide great food and beverages to its patrons, they have also share art with what they do best, and that is coffee. Latte Art is s growing art that involves producing the best coffee plus making finishing touches with it using the milky foam and brown coffee streaks into any artwork that they desire. From simple swirls, to complicated artworks they possibilities are vast and give a lot of room for creativity.

The objectives of the Figaro Late Art Championship were to first promote the growth, excellence and recognition of the Barista profession in our Company as well as to cultivate a stronger appreciation and awareness of specialty coffee and the role of a barista in the specialty coffee industry. Mold and showcase their own Barista in the International stage of specialty coffee preparation. And grow the Figaro Barista’s knowledge of, and expertise in the preparation and serving of specialty coffee through competitions.

Competition and Judging
  • Competitors will be judged by up to four (4) Visual Judges; up to two (2) Technical Judges, unless specified.
  • Each competitor will prepare 2 cups (one poured design and one etched design).
  • The preliminary rounds; competitors will make 1 free pour and 1 designer latte design during a 4-minute presentation. Free pour techniques, etching, or similar techniques are allowed except for the use of surface decoration such as chocolate powder or food colouring on the surface of the drink. 
  • The top six competitors from the elimination rounds will move on to the finals where during an 8-minute presentation, competitors will create two (2) free-pour latte art, and (2) two identical designer lattes.

 The Judges are Mr. Al De Gracia (Figaro Coffee Store Operations Manager), Ms. Genifer Madero (Guest Judge), and technical judges Mark Anthony Dado (FCSI Quality Assurance Department), and Ernani Villosino (FCSI Assistant Training)

Prizes for the winner includes Figaro merchandise, Gift Certificates, a certificate of Participation, and privilege to be Figaro’s representative in National Latte Art Competitions for 2015.

The Contestants for this year were:

  • John Eric Gutierrez - Theatre Zone
  • Brian John Sigue - Figaro Brickroad
  • Eliffer Enerva - UST
  • Maverick Fajardo - Malolos
  • Ranjel Gonzales - Alabang Town Center
  • Mario Juntilla - Bonifacio High Street
  • John Ferdinand Sabado - Dagupan
  • Randson Calara - Malolos
  • Kurt Kevin Hispanto - Liberty
  • John Rusty Parada -  Taipan Place
  • Reynoso Cadaba - Marketing Department
  • John Mark Trapani - Scout Magbanua
  • Renz Patrick Balite - DBP

For the competition, they are asked to interpret "Describe your coffee passion" and "What does being a barista means to you?"

TOP 6 and Winners
  1. Mario Juntilla - Bonifacio High Street
  2. Maverick Fajardo - Malolos
  3. John Mark Trapani - Scout Magbanua
  4. John Rusty Parada - 
  5. Randson Calara - Malolos
  6. John Ferdinand Sabado - Dagupan

FIGARO LATTE ART CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 is sponsored by Mr. Coffee / Sympa Consolidated, Blu Coffee Distributors, Eblu/Equilibrium



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