Triple O's Is Now Here To Conquer With Their Milkshakes and Burgers!

I honestly thought that all the best burgers would  only hail from the US since it is the staple of the people and the competition of having the best would generate the monopoly of burger chains overseas. But I now realized that Canada has actually something that can compete with the usual brands and even provide something new, unique, and fun.

Launched recently is Triple-O's Burger in the Mega Atrium of SM Megamall. The pioneer branch of the Canadian brand is located in the biggest mall in the Philippines and a mecca for food lovers and adventurers. Triple-O's may look like any other burger branch but they focused on what people would come back for, their burgers and milkshakes.

Yup, Burgers and milkshakes are not the usual grub pair, but it was kinda surprising to have that smooth, sweet milkshake complementing the artisan burger with juicy beef and soft buns plus the mix of fresh ingredients which redefined my burger experience. You would also notice that they placed the pickle on top of the burger when served, they said that it give the customer the option to discard it or place it inside the burger for added flavor. Canadian are said to eat the pickle separately with every burger bite.  

The milkshake, I would confidently say, is the best I have tasted so far (in my entire life). For 150 pesos for the regular size and 200 pesos for the larger serving, it is indeed worth every cent. The consistency is smooth, sweetness i just right, flavors like strawberry and chocolate have their own distinct flavor and it is somehow addicting you would want to have more. I guess I found my new comfort drink.

The sides like fries and onion rings are also great with no grease and comes golden brown crisp as served. The burger that I have tried is their best seller in Canada, the Monty Mushroom. It may not be the biggest burger in town but it has that quality of ingredients that made me finish the large burger in one sitting. 

Triple-O's is promising on its first branch, and also something from Canada which we rarely have here in the Philippines. Looking forward to more branches and more milkshakes in the future!


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