You Are The Bhe'st Lasagna!

Being a Lasagna person made me quite picky with its variations. And many have become to bland, too sweet, or too common that the joys of eating Lasgna has lost its spark. But I found hope with a rising name in homemade Lasagna with Bhe'st Lasagna!
Incidentally, Bhe is the nickname of its owner Rossini Rufon, fits with the word "best" and has proven this with the quality of each pan. Though they don't have a physical store, they would get orders that are available for pick-up or delivery in the metro.

But does Bhe'st Lasagna truly the best lasagna?

The answer is a delicious YES. To prove it is the quality standards that I noticed with sampling both variants including their garlic bread. First is that the lasagna noodles are al dente with the right firmness that when sliced even with a fork does not sag and does not squish its filling. The meat and cream filling are very compact with the right mix of flavors of creaminess and juicy meats. And if would become to creamy, it is complemented by the garlic bread biscuits.  

Bhe'st Lasagna may not have a big restaurant, nor part of a large company but another secret behind its taste is because of homemade love. It is also perfect as gifts, party meal, group lunch or any celebration, just make sure you have to order in advance.

With a choice of Beef or Chicken, you can avail Bhe'st Lasagna in various sizes:
300   Pesos (2 persons) Extra Small Pan
500   Pesos (4-6 persons) Small Pan
750   Pesos (8 persons) Medium Pan
1000 Pesos (12 persons) Large Pan
1800 Pesos (24 persons) Extra Large Pan
100  Pesos  (24 pieces Garlic Bread Biscuits)

For orders and inquiries, you can text 0915.612.6891 or 0925.516.0729
Follow them on instagram @bhestlasagna


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