Cheezify and Baconize With KFC!

Everybody loves cheese and bacon, and it has been the choice flavor by many, same goes with bacon as everyone's favorite meat cut. Now if you would add them to your meals (and drink), would you?

KFC Philippines has launched recently, the Cheezy Bacon Fest which gives customers to experience a more cheesier and bacon-filled favorites from KFC which will make every classic taste unforgettable.

KFC stores gives you the power to add cheese sauce and bacon bits to your KFC favorites starting with the KFC Chicken (Original and Spicy), Pasta Meal, Chicken Rice Meal, the Twister, and even the Zinger! This would spell the most cheeziest and most bacon-ful eating experience ever.

In one of its launches, KFC Philippines gave us a taste of the cheezified and baconized experience with our choice meal (or drinks). And we were very happy of the outcome as it gave a whole new taste but complimenting the orignal classic flavor that keeps its KFC identity.

I actually had a twister with cheese and bacon and called it "Cheezy Bacon Twister Tornado". And it was so good that I finished it before It won in one of the games. 

You can be creative (and slightly unsual) with your taste as you can also Cheezify and Baconize your drinks such as the KFC Krushers, yes we did! Curious on what would go well with the cheese and bacon, try them out at a KFC store near you!

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