A safer, healthier alternative: Bounty Agro brings no antibiotic ever chickens to the market

As more Filipinos turn to poultry meat as an alternative source of protein in their everyday meals, Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) endeavors to make its products safer for the family as it introduces the country’s first-ever, all-natural antibiotic-free chicken.
Through its pioneering no antibiotics ever (NAE) system, BAVI has eliminated the use of any antibiotics from day one until the chickens are processed, ensuring they are naturally healthy. BAVI is also bringing these safer-to-eat chickens conveniently closer to Filipino households through its roasted chicken brands Chooks-to-Go, Uling Roasters and Reyal.
“As part of our commitment to nurture the health of the nation, we are continuously finding ways to innovate and offer only the safest chicken choices,” said Ronald Mascariñas, BAVI president and general manager. “The launch of NAE in the country is one of the steps that we are taking towards giving healthy and quality food choices at affordable prices to Filipinos.”

Kids get a feel of working at Jollibee with collectible toy set

Kids can have more playtime fun with their friends as they imagine preparing, serving and delivering their favorite langhap-sarap meals with the Jollibee Fun Store toys, now available with every Jolly Kiddie Meal.
The Jollibee Fun Store toys feature Jollibee and his Friends, Hetty, Popo, Twirlie, and Yum as they cook Jolly Crispy Fries, flip Yumburgers, serve Jolly Spaghetti, use the cash register, and deliver meals to give kids and their playmates a feel of working at a Jollibee store. 
After designing Jollibee’s bike with stickers, simply press the button on the launcher to send him on his next delivery. At the noodles counter, a little push on Hetty will make her twist left and right as she serves the sweet-sarap spaghetti meal on a tray.
At the fries and burger counters, kids can help Popo cook by moving his hand and fryer with the pull of a lever on his back while Yum can lift patties with a press of a button on his back. At the ice cream counter, kids can imagine Twirlie getting or…

Jollibee lands in Europe: Blockbuster lines greet Jollibee’s first store opening in Milan, Italy

The country’s largest fast-food chain has opened its first-ever European branch in Milan, Italy where an estimated 170,000 Filipinos live. 
Located in Piazza Diaz 7, Milan, the Jollibee branch is just a stone's throw from Duomo, Milan Cathedral.
In the early hours of its opening day, customers—families, young people, members of the Filipino community, and even locals—were already seen lining up in front of the Jollibee store just to have a taste of its world-famous Chickenjoy.

Rolls Republic Rolls Out Thier Sushi Cake at 50% Off!

This summer, craving for maki and sushi rolls are perfect for people like me who loves this treat. Rolls are very convenient with having the rice and and dish in one, and they come in many different flavors and textures which excites the palet. This is what Rolls Republic is offering this summer.
Located in the Ermita-Malate area, Rolls Republic dedicated to a large variety of rolls not just exclusive to Japanese choices,  but also serves rolls inspired from different Asian flavors like Vietnamese, Korean and Filipino. 
They also have meal sets paired with drinks, which you can also enjoy dining in. But we have to admit that these rolls is what we really love so it is indeed best to buy them by the bunch or better yet get the SUSHI CAKE.

25 years after opening its doors, Jade Garden continues elegant Chinese dining tradition

It was in 1980 when Chinese cuisine in Manila changed forever- when the dreams of entrepreneur and visionary Joseph Henry Ng reached its peak with the opening of Jade Garden. The first restaurant was particularly located at the former Automat, one of the most popular dining places during that time, also a masterpiece of Joseph Henry Ng.
It was as if diners were transported to Hong Kong, the country of origin of Jade Garden.
The best chef on Cantonese cuisine was flown to Manila, tapestries, china, and silver were imported from Hong Kong, chandeliers were raised, and carpets were rolled out for the opening of the most pompous Chinese restaurant in the country.
For the first time, eating Chinese cuisine in the city was like dining in the presence of an emperor – suckling pigs with electronic glowing eyes, chicken wrapped in hardened “mud”, and the Peking duck that was served three ways were the main courses, of course, it was accompanied by the indulgent shark’s fin soup and succulent abal…

Enjoy an action-packed playtime with Jollibee’s Pokémon Battle Squad

Kids can have an action-packed playtime as they imagine training their very own Pokémon for exciting battles with Jollibee’s Pokémon Battle Squad that comes with every Jolly Kiddie Meal.
Jollibee’s Pokémon Battle Squad includes new additions, Rockruff, Alolan Vulpix, Togedemaru, Bounsweet and brings back Pikachu with some fun, new features. These toys are Poké-battle ready with lots of cool tricks that will surely thrill children to play with their fellow jolly kids.     
With just the pull of a ripcord, Pikachu can spin ultrafast to deflect attacks. After designing Rockruff’s paws with stickers, simply push a button on its stomach to watch this cute rock-type canine get into battle position as it wiggles and wriggles its ears and tail.
Kids can imagine the pretty, ice-type Alolan Vulpix, conjuring up some snow by moving its tail up and down while its head turns from side to side. The adorable Togedemaru lights up from a strong electric surge with just a press of its head.  While the dar…

Kids can go places with their imagination and Jolly Kiddie Meal Jollibee Around the World toys

Jolly kids will have an exciting playtime as they explore different countries and cities with their imagination and a special Jollibee 40th anniversary collectible – the Jolly Kiddie Meal Jollibee Around the World toys. 
For the past 40 years, the country’s most loved fast-food chain has been serving up joy to the Philippines and to the world. Now, it opens up a whole world of joy for youngsters to discover as Jollibee introduces them to Canada, Vietnam, New York, Texas, and the Philippines, dressed in some of the most iconic costumes from these places.
With the Jolly Kiddie Meal Jollibee Around the World toys, kids can score an ice hockey goal in Canada, play Vietnamese Dong Son drums in the streets of Hanoi, welcome visitors at the Statue of Liberty in New York, round up some cows in Texas, and celebrate their proud heritage in the Philippines.