Cowboy Grill Celebrates It's 24th Anniversary

This Filipino restaurant bar continues to thrive by retaining its classic live bands roots with new innovations 
Cowboy Grill, the beloved restaurant and bar known for its live bands and good food, celebrates its 24th anniversary with new innovations and new product concepts.
Established by its founding chairman Leopoldo L. Prieto, who brought the first Shakey's Pizza restaurant in the Philippines, the first Cowboy Grill started when Shakey's decided to shift to a family-oriented restaurant from a food outlet with live entertainment. To retain the live band concept, the owners decided to establish Cowboy Grill, right next to Shakey's.

Cowboy Grill Keeps The Party Going For 24 Years

Opening a new restaurant might have its own challenges, but maintaining one that will most likely survive the changing food landscape and thrive for a long time requires the right strategies.
And through the years, Cowboy Grill has found the right recipe for success - maintaining good menu that is reasonably priced, having discerning eye for latest trends, and keeping diligent employees who take pride in their work.

“One of our success points is, we have a strong grasp of our brand concept. We know what we want, and what direction we are heading. We want Cowboy Grill to be the best place that provide guests with high quality entertainment and premium products that are reasonably price and served promptly by friendly employees. We envision it to be the go-to place where everyone - regardless of age - can enjoy and party the night away,” said Mr. Erickson Caper, marketing manager of Cowboy Grill.
With this clear vision comes the necessary strategies and operational elements that enable Cow…

Jollibee back-to-school toys make learning more fun and exciting

This June, young kids can have more fun while learning new things and doing school work as they go through enjoyable adventures with Jollibee and friends—their Jollibee School Pals.
Available with every Jolly Kiddie Meal, the Jollibee School Pals is a set of back-to-school toys, each with different functions, that enable kids to be more creative at home and inside the classroom.
Young students can use the Jollibee Sharpener to keep their pencils from getting dull as they watch Jollibee spin around. With the Hetty Tape Dispenser, they can make Hetty turn as they pull strips of adhesive tape for their school projects.

Good Relationship With Employees At The Core Of Cowboy Grill's Business Stategy

In an industry with a high employment turnover rate, store supervisor Rose Fernandez has never thought about leaving Cowboy Grill, a restaurant operated by Golden Pizza Inc. For the past four years, she has been working at the food outlet, in increasingly senior roles.
Her career in the food service industry started when she was just 18 years old, as a part-timer. That time, she was burning the midnight oil finishing her Mass Communication degree at the Polytechnic University, while working at Cowboy Grill to earn enough money for her education.

Cowboy Grill pays it forward with 24@24

If there is one resto bar in the Metro that most of us can relate to, because of the unforgettable night out gimmicks and entertainment with family and friends, it is the Cowboy Grill.
The Cowboy Grill reminds us of the countless drinking sprees, gigs of our favorite bands, celebrations of all the occasions we can name, the true meaning of “barkadahan”, and the friendship and love, which were developed while having fun at Cowboy Grill.

For 24 years it has stood the test of time, witnessed a lot of important events in our lives, and until now it is our reliable partner in relishing fun and entertainment with the people we love. Humble beginnings
Twenty four years ago, Cowboy Grill was established just to accommodate the customers of a sister company who were looking for live band shows and at the same time enjoy palatable dishes. Its first branch opened in the busy street of Mabini, Ermita, Manila, which easily gained a lot of following. With its spacious entertainment area, good sound sys…

A safer, healthier alternative: Bounty Agro brings no antibiotic ever chickens to the market

As more Filipinos turn to poultry meat as an alternative source of protein in their everyday meals, Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) endeavors to make its products safer for the family as it introduces the country’s first-ever, all-natural antibiotic-free chicken.
Through its pioneering no antibiotics ever (NAE) system, BAVI has eliminated the use of any antibiotics from day one until the chickens are processed, ensuring they are naturally healthy. BAVI is also bringing these safer-to-eat chickens conveniently closer to Filipino households through its roasted chicken brands Chooks-to-Go, Uling Roasters and Reyal.
“As part of our commitment to nurture the health of the nation, we are continuously finding ways to innovate and offer only the safest chicken choices,” said Ronald Mascariñas, BAVI president and general manager. “The launch of NAE in the country is one of the steps that we are taking towards giving healthy and quality food choices at affordable prices to Filipinos.”

Kids get a feel of working at Jollibee with collectible toy set

Kids can have more playtime fun with their friends as they imagine preparing, serving and delivering their favorite langhap-sarap meals with the Jollibee Fun Store toys, now available with every Jolly Kiddie Meal.
The Jollibee Fun Store toys feature Jollibee and his Friends, Hetty, Popo, Twirlie, and Yum as they cook Jolly Crispy Fries, flip Yumburgers, serve Jolly Spaghetti, use the cash register, and deliver meals to give kids and their playmates a feel of working at a Jollibee store. 
After designing Jollibee’s bike with stickers, simply press the button on the launcher to send him on his next delivery. At the noodles counter, a little push on Hetty will make her twist left and right as she serves the sweet-sarap spaghetti meal on a tray.
At the fries and burger counters, kids can help Popo cook by moving his hand and fryer with the pull of a lever on his back while Yum can lift patties with a press of a button on his back. At the ice cream counter, kids can imagine Twirlie getting or…