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There's A Better Way To Mix Whisky

It’s general knowledge that cola goes well with whisky; it’s almost a default drink for avid whisky fans looking to mix their favourite dram. It seems we missed out on mixing whisky with clear soda because it also works, or if not, tastes even better – thanks to our friends from Johnnie Walker for introducing this surprisingly fun mix, with its Johnnie Soda serve. 
Johnnie Walker Red Label is the world’s number 1 best-selling premium Scotch whisky. It has a bold, smoky, characterful flavour that shines through even when mixed with the lemon-lime taste of clear soda. Create this satisfying drink with 1 part Johnnie Walker Red Label, 3 parts soda, ice, a wedge of lime for garnish (optional). 
As this hot summer season comes to an end, parties are being held left and right as people struggle to make the most of the remaining days. For those wondering how to spice up get-togethers, the Johnnie Walker Red Label Summer Party Starter Pack is the answer.

Home Foodie Season 3 offers "Madalicious Meals" beginning May 15

Delious, Easy and Convenient. 
This is what Home Foodie Season 3 is all about! Your favorite Home Foodie couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania-Arellano, together with the San Miguel Purefoods Celebrity Chefs — Llena Tan-Arenas, Rj Garcia and Rene Ruz - win share more "Madalicious Meals" that can be cooked at home. 
From a beginner cook in Season 2, lya is now able to prepare recipes on her own while Drew his cooking skills in level up, either tries his trendy or resto-inspired, but still very easy dishes.

Brooklyn’s New York Pizza Drops The PIZZA BOMB Today!

Brooklyn’s New York Pizza just launched an explosive treat this Mother's Day with not just one but four (4) new exciting dishes that are uniquely delicious and exciting.

First on their menu is the hot and literally LIT Pizza Bomb A mixture of ham, bacon, Italian sausages, cheese and vegetables enclosed in a dome. Setting the dome on fire will lock in the flavors and gives the dough a sweet taste. This extraordinary pizza experience is valid for dine-in only for P460.

They also have 3 new  sandwiches that comes with a side of fries made for you to enjoy more meat in your buns! Introducing the Raging Buffalo, Meatmall Marinara, and the Patriot Sub!