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Celebrating 5 Years Of The Best Shrimp In Town

Filipinos have an explicit love affair with seafood. Which is not unlikely, given that we live on a collection of islands surrounded by deep, rich waters that offer up their bounty all year round.

This love is especially pronounced with shrimp. It’s available all year long in our groceries, we ferment them to make our precious bagoong, dry them to make our soups more savory, and include them in stir-fries, noodle dishes, and on the rare occasions, even dessert.
So it’s no wonder that when Shrimp Bucket opened its doors five years ago, Pinoys welcomed the new restaurant with open arms and healthy appetites.

Food Lab: Uni-Pak Mackerel Silky Sarciado

It has been a while since I posted a food experiment and though my dream set up for filming my work is far from the studio made version, I am very proud of the outcome since I use unique ingredients and great products. Recently I was given several cans of Uni-Pak Mackerel which is one of the most known brands in canned mackerels in the country. 
Knowing that Uni-Pak has large chunks in every can makes it great for cooking and sharing. Now for our food experiment, I will try to make something classic and new at the same time. This time I will be making Uni-Pak Mackerel Silky Sarciado.

Jollibee and Friends hit the concert stage with the Jolly Musical Band

Jollibee makes kids’ playtime more exciting with fun music from the Jolly Musical Band that comes with every Jolly Kiddie Meal.
Kids can enjoy jamming with Jollibee and Friends by simply collecting and connecting the toys to form the stage, assemble the band, and see performance-ready Jollibee, Hetty, Popo, Twirlie, and Yum with their instruments.
Simply push each of the collectibles to the left or to the right to see some of their awesome concert moves. See and hear Jollibee sway and sing sweet melodies while Hetty dances and shakes her maracas. Watch as Popo strums the strings of his guitar and Twirlie hits the ivories on her piano, all while Yum adds some cool percussion with his beat box.
Get the Jolly Musical Band toys with every purchase of a Jolly Kiddie Meal. For a Yumburger Meal at P90, a Jolly Spaghetti Meal at P95, or a Chickenjoy Meal at P122, kids can get these great toys all with their own Jolly Joy Box.
Promo runs from October 1 to November 15, 2017. Visit the nearest Jolli…

Vote Now For Your Favorite M&M’S® Screenbite Entry!

Screentime just got more fun this September as M&M’S® invites you to vote for your favorite reaction video or photo at the M&M’S® Screenbites Awards 2017.
M&M’S® launched the Screenbite Awards 2017 simultaneously in the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia in August where participants in all three countries uploaded their #BestXOXO, #BestLOL and #BestWOW video or photo reactions while watching a TV series or movie and enjoying a pack of M&M’S®, the perfect screentime graze-snack companion.
And while there were hundreds of fun entries capturing different screentime moments, a total of 18 finalists among the three nations were chosen as the best of the best. Two entries per country were shortlisted in each category, which are: #BestXOXO for the Romance Category, #BestLOL for the Comedy Category and #BestWOW for the Action Category.

Get ready to battle with Jollibee Kiddie Meals Pokemon Starters Squad

Jollibee brings kids’ play time to the exciting world of Pokemons with the new Starters Squad that comes with every Jolly Kiddie Meal.
The Pokemon Starters Squad includes some adorable new generation Pokemons like Litten, Popplio, Rowlet and brings back a classic fan-favorite, Pikachu. These cute Pokemon toys are definitely meant for playing with friends, as they make playtime more fun with a few cool tricks up their sleeves.
Kids can get creative with these awesome toys as they imagine their own Poke-battles. Push down Pikachu’s tail and see its cheeks light up from an electric discharge as strong as a lightning bolt. Attach Litten’s tail at the back and pull it downwards to see the Pokemon’s head move sideways as if grooming itself, prepping for a fire fur ball. Popplio can do sea lion tricks as its collar spins when you slide it on surfaces. Push back Rowlet’s head to flap its wings, ready to let out its grass blades.

Foodpanda Food Photography Secrets Revealed

foodpanda interviews one of its top-photographers to guarantee glamorous food snaps
Nowadays, everyone loves taking pictures of their food, whether it’s fiddling with filters to enhance images, or using special lenses for professional results - before actually digging in and enjoying a meal. But according to foodpanda, there are several even simpler tips to ensure masterful food photos without having to buy professional gadgets!
1. What is considered to be most important when taking food photos?

Pak Pak Pak! Nico and Solenn Now Part of The Kenny Roger's Family!

Who would have thought that the fit and funny couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico would be the newest endorsers of Kenny Rogers. They are also here to endorse a new dish that will excite fans and chicken lovers.

The official launch was made special with an activity which required the media to be blindfolded while  trying out the new menu. But in the background, Solenn and Nico secretly joined in and even took funny pictures while the unaware crowd are enjoying their lunch.

Families savor Chooks-to-Go's oven-roasted chicken in Ulam Swap

Filipinos love to eat anytime, anywhere, but it is the tanghalian and hapunan at home that most people look forward to, especially since they get to sit down with the family to delight in their favorite ulam that is lovingly cooked by mom.
But for hardworking moms who are pressed for time to prepare the family meal, serving a delicious ulam is a challenge that they often end up buying whatever is available in food stands or whatever is left in the neighborhood eatery.
Chooks-to-Go, the country’s leading roasted chicken chain with over a thousand rotisserie outlets nationwide, endeavors to help on-the-go moms by offering oven-roasted, best value chicken as the hardworking moms’ di basta-bastang ulam na uwi.

S&R Pizza gets widest delivery coverage in NCR with foodpanda

No cover ups. No frills. Just a bigger and better promise of the good old, cheesy and giant S&R Pizzadelivering to most parts of Metro manila.
Yes, we’ve heard it before, the long lines are making you drool over your favorite S&R New York Style Pizza even more. And though it is definitely worth the wait, some of us may not just have the time andespecially the patience to do it. Fret no more because S&R recently joined the long list of foodpanda’s restaurant partners making their in demand, enormous pizzas available even in the farthest corners of the Metro.
You definitely need no membership card to get ahold of the most coveted comfort food in town, just download the app or visit foodpanda Philippines’ website and click away! You can choose from four different flavors: Pizza Combo Whole which has pepperoni, beef, green bell pepper, onions, olives,  a whole lot of cheese!, Pizza Garlic Shrimp ​with generous sprinkles of shrimps over loads and loads of cheese, enticing polka-d…

Screentime Just Got Better With M&M’S®!

Still can’t get over the recent blockbuster superhero flicks or already missing your favorite series on VOD? Call up your friends and loved ones because this calls for binge watching! Fluff your pillows, turn on the AC and prepare blankets and tissues. Bring out the stacks of awesome movies and TV series that will have everyone laughing, crying, or leaving them in shock and get your phones ready to snap, post and share every fun moment.
But wait a minute, you must never forget the highlight of your screentime - the SNACKS! Not satisfied with a simple batch of buttered popcorn? Open up a bag of fun with M&M’S®, the perfect screentime graze-snack companion!

Win the hearts of hungry millennials with Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage

Bounty Fresh, one of the country’s leading poultry brands, has launched its newest product, the Saucy ToriKaraage, through a preview of its digital advertisement ( at the recent Manila Masters eSports Tournament.
The online video—which shows how to win a guy the “Saucy way”—revolves around a young millennial couple, where the man, intensely focused on playing DoTA, is being wooed by his lady love to take a break and have something to eat. And through the irresistible qualities of the Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage, the busy gamer was instantly swayed into devouring the delicious food she effortlessly whipped-up, the “Saucy way”.

Hizon's Catering Makes Life Events Into Dreams Come True!

Life goes through stages, mostly of them memorable. We celebrate our birthdays, we get work and go to seminars, we also celebrate events and probably the most memorable is wedding day. This is where Hizon's Catering came to make them real Life events.

Founded in 1987, Hizon's provided catering services and eventually made a name in the food industry. And growth provided them to create a network of suppliers, venues and creativity that they learn and apply in their work. This earned their reputation in bringing the best events for everyone.

Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage: a quick fix real meal for young professionals

Today’s young professionals need not worry about having a real meal that is quick and easy to prepare. The country’s leading poultry brand, Bounty Fresh, launched its newest product, the Saucy ToriKaraage – a quick fix, 100%  all-natural chicken meal.
Preparing a real meal is never easy. Just the amount of time and the number of steps involved is more than enough to overwhelm young professionals who have just arrived home from a long day at work.

Joy Ride! By NutriAsia offers new Filipino flavors on the road

People from across age groups recently trooped to the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck in Luneta, eager to have a taste of both traditional and new Filipino comfort food made with quality products of NutriAsia.
According to Dang de Leon, corporate marketing consultant at Nutri-Asia Inc., the food truck goes around the metro serving reimagined local food fare. “We tweak classic Pinoy comfort food to make the taste more appealing to millennials,” she explains, saying that the brand has partnered with GalaStars Culinary, which is headed by renowned chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, “because they know what young people want.”

There's A Better Way To Mix Whisky

It’s general knowledge that cola goes well with whisky; it’s almost a default drink for avid whisky fans looking to mix their favourite dram. It seems we missed out on mixing whisky with clear soda because it also works, or if not, tastes even better – thanks to our friends from Johnnie Walker for introducing this surprisingly fun mix, with its Johnnie Soda serve. 
Johnnie Walker Red Label is the world’s number 1 best-selling premium Scotch whisky. It has a bold, smoky, characterful flavour that shines through even when mixed with the lemon-lime taste of clear soda. Create this satisfying drink with 1 part Johnnie Walker Red Label, 3 parts soda, ice, a wedge of lime for garnish (optional). 
As this hot summer season comes to an end, parties are being held left and right as people struggle to make the most of the remaining days. For those wondering how to spice up get-togethers, the Johnnie Walker Red Label Summer Party Starter Pack is the answer.

Home Foodie Season 3 offers "Madalicious Meals" beginning May 15

Delious, Easy and Convenient. 
This is what Home Foodie Season 3 is all about! Your favorite Home Foodie couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania-Arellano, together with the San Miguel Purefoods Celebrity Chefs — Llena Tan-Arenas, Rj Garcia and Rene Ruz - win share more "Madalicious Meals" that can be cooked at home. 
From a beginner cook in Season 2, lya is now able to prepare recipes on her own while Drew his cooking skills in level up, either tries his trendy or resto-inspired, but still very easy dishes.

Brooklyn’s New York Pizza Drops The PIZZA BOMB Today!

Brooklyn’s New York Pizza just launched an explosive treat this Mother's Day with not just one but four (4) new exciting dishes that are uniquely delicious and exciting.

First on their menu is the hot and literally LIT Pizza Bomb A mixture of ham, bacon, Italian sausages, cheese and vegetables enclosed in a dome. Setting the dome on fire will lock in the flavors and gives the dough a sweet taste. This extraordinary pizza experience is valid for dine-in only for P460.

They also have 3 new  sandwiches that comes with a side of fries made for you to enjoy more meat in your buns! Introducing the Raging Buffalo, Meatmall Marinara, and the Patriot Sub!

Pinoy Cooking With Chef Anton Amoncio In “Home Cooked Asia: Philippines”

After winning the Asian Food Channel's Food Hero competition held in Singapore last year, Pinoy Chef Anton Amoncio, now hosts his own cooking show, “Home Cooked Asia: Philippines”. 
The program, one of the newest cooking programs in the Asian Food Channel (AFC), premiered December last year. It airs on Thursdays at 9 o’clock in the morning, with replays on the same day, at 2 and 10 o’clock in the afternoon.
Chef Anton cooks different traditional Filipino recipes, and provides his own techniques. Chef Anton says he wants to teach those who want to know more about Filipino food.
“I hope my bit of Home Cooked creates awareness of what Filipino food is about. I want people outside the Philippines to ask questions about the way we cook and the passion we have for it," he says. “For Filipinos I make sure to make the dishes easy-to-make and accessible so they can try doing it themselves.”

Savory snack solution: Jollibee Tuna Pie

Your favorite Jollibee Tuna Pie is back once again and is available in solo, trio pack, and value meal starting at P45.
Tuna Pie Trio
Get your much-needed Jollibee Tuna Pie fix available in Trio Pack for only P130!

Buddha-Bar Manila to host Cabaret Night for its 5th year anniversary

Buddha-Bar Manila, a world-class bar that offers fine dining and entertainment experience, will celebrate its 5th anniversary with an evening of spectacular entertainment, heart-stopping music, exquisite wine, and non-stop dancing on Saturday, January 28, 2017.
The event dubbed “Cabaret Night” will feature live performances by the Silk Band, Can-Can Dancers, and Buddha-Bar’s Resident DJ Joseph Alturas. Former Myx VJ and Kulay Band member, Angel Jones will host the evening of festivities, which also coincides with the celebration of the Year of the Rooster.
“Buddha-Bar is known for bringing multiple dining and entertainment experiences for our customers. That is why aside from our relaxing lounge bar area, the culinary pleasures from the restaurant, and the good music vibes distilled by our resident DJ, we also conceptualize themed events. This time, we are bringing the extravagance and glamour of a cabaret night for our customers,” said Angelito Agustin, Head of Operations of Buddha-Bar…

KFC Adds Hope To Over 60,000 School Kids In War-Torn Mindanao

Continuing its global commitment to ending hunger, KFC Philippines through its Add Hope initiative donated PHP6, 798,811.61 to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The money raised will fund WFP’s School Meals Program, which provides hot, nutritious lunch meals to thousands of children from conflict-affected areas in Mindanao, enabling them to perform better in school.
Every child deserves a chance for a better tomorrow. Don’t let hunger stop them from making their dreams come true. Take part in adding hope to their future with your PHP10.
Visit any KFC store to drop your donations. For more information, visit
About Add Hope Add Hope is KFC’s global platform for ending hunger, done in collaboration with WFP. KFC’s commitment to the cause began in 2007 after Yum! and its subsidiaries established a partnership with WFP through World Hunger Relief. The participation of nearly 38,000 Yum! restaurants across 120 countries have raised over USD110 million, out of whi…