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From Hoolala to Kko Kko: Re-conceptualizing the Korean dining experience.

Prominent news anchor and TV host Grace Lee has undoubtedly succeeded in capturing the hearts and minds of the people of the Philippines with her natural grace, beauty, and talent. Recently, however, she has set her sights on another goal: Bringing together her two worlds – Korea and the Philippines, her birthplace and her hometown – through food.
They say that the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and in fact, Grace has embodied this maxim with her most recent pursuits as a successful restaurateur, including the successful launching of Buta Wagyu in SM Aura and Atelier Vivanda in Forbestown Road. Of all her culinary ventures, however, the one that remains nearest and dearest to her heart is the rebranding of Hoolala to Kko Kko; from a successful, family-run traditional Korean restaurant to a more specialized restaurant that aims to provide its clientele with a rich and diverse cultural experience that accentuates a delicious yet affordable meal.

Tastee over-the-top beefy goodness of Jolly Hotdog in Cheesy Classic and NEW Chili Cheese variants

Jollibee, the country’s largest fast food chain, has beefed up one of its well-loved product lines, the Jolly Hotdog, with the New Chili Cheese variant, an exciting addition to its Cheesy Classic variant.
Always served fresh, the Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog offers over-the-top beefy goodness with its beef hotdog in a warm bun, topped with a slightly tangy special dressing and livened up with grated cheese and tomato catsup.
Just like the Cheesy Classic variant, the New Chili Cheese Jolly Hotdog is a beef hotdog in a delicious bun, but this time topped with a generous serving of mouth-watering meaty chili and cheese sauce.
At the Jolly Hotdog’s core is a beefy, juicy hotdog that makes for a perfect treat you want to savor every bite of.  This certified delish snack is packed with over-the-top flavors and textures you’ll never find in plain and boring hotdog sandwiches.

Jollibee’s Crispy Fries get zesty new flavor the whole barkada will love

Savory BBQ variant now available that’s sweet, smoky, with a spicy kick! Actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith joins the Jolly #FriendsFries
Make room for the newest barkada favorite—the Jolly Crispy Savory BBQ Fries! Made with 100% real potatoes and sprinkled with a special blend of flavorings, the Savory BBQ fries pack a thrilling intensity with every bite. Perfect for pairing with other Jollibee treats or enjoyed on its own, the Jolly Crispy Savory BBQ Fries offer a zesty combination of sweet-smoky, with a spicy kick for a true flavorventure, only from the country’s number one fastfood brand.