The Challenge, Now A Promise To Be Fulfilled by Quim's Cake

I'm The new administration was indeed a surprising event in Philippine history with President Duterte winning with more than 16 million votes. However it was a very stressful season for everyone with the heated arguments and propaganda that went with all parties.

One of the most talked about event that was also seen on social media was the 'bet' made by Jack Labang who owns Quim's Cake located along Tomas Morato. He posted that he will give out 5 Million (pesos) worth of cakes if Duterte wins the presidency. Well as we know, Rody Durterte did win the election and was sworn in last June 30.

Now with his victory, the promise was recalled by the supporters if Chef Labang will be true to his promise. Interestingly, Chef Jack answered back to all that he will give out 5 Million cakes, although it will be given by batches and in an organized way.

Before we continue, let's learn more about Chef Jack and Quim's Cake which was the trending during the elections. Chef Jack shares that Quim's Cake started less than two years ago. He was a pastry chef who trained himself in many countries like the USA and Middle East. He finally came home to set up his own Bakeshop and Restaurant, and from there the concept of Quim's Cake came to be.

But Chef Jack does not like to be the usual restaurant, he wants to reinvent his menu that you cannot see anywhere else. We were able to take a bite of some of their menu. Some of the exquisite dishes he had are The Mango Sinigang with Sashimi, yes that was fresh sashimi poured with sinigang soup made from mangoes along with vegetables. I consider this dish to be my favorite.

Check out our interview of Chef Jack below.

Another unique dish was the Roasted Pork Belly with chocolate bagoong sauce. From the first time I heard about this, I was a little skeptical about the sauce. And indeed it is perfect fusion of the chocolate texture with the hint of bagoong. Placed on the crispy pork belly, made it a weird combination initially but will linger for a while.  Other dishes we had were the Bolognese Pasta, Red Hot Dory Burger, Pulled Pork BBQ Burger, which we all gave a thumbs up. 

Going back to the 5M Cakes, you can still avail of the cakes and have a bite of the controversial yet delectable pastry. They are distributed every 1st and 15th of every month to the first 50 customers who register via email (, this will be done until it the value reaches 5 Million. For more information you can visit their facebook page for news and updates.

Indeed Change is here and it is delicious!


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