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Samsung Digital Appliances Sixth Cooking Workshop Recipes!

During the GalaStars Culinary School last 28 August 2015, we were asked to prepare Italian Dishes with a Filipino Twist. Among the Samsung Cooking Workshop series, these recipes are my favorite and I hope of sharing this to all of you! 

It is another day of cooking, plating, and tasting using the best ingredients, the best instructor, and the best appliance for the job, the Samsung Microwave Oven!

SM Hypermarket Pinoy Street Food Winner Hailed

Filipino food is already impressive and has gained fans all over the world, this goes same with Pinoy street food which is a favorite by many, if not by all. And in each family there will be a chef that has their own version of Filipino favorites. 

SM Hypermarket recognizes the potential of Pinoy cooks and how they can par with chefs of hotel ans restaurant, that is why they have set up the Best Pinoy Street Food Cooking Competition.

In an epic cook-off by some of the country’s most talented street food cooks, ten of the best street food cooks competed at the grand finals where they were tested, not only by the Kusina Master - Chef Boy Logro but also by a crowd of 100 people composed of students, drivers, shoppers, and other business owners, the ones who eat their dishes every day.

Angel's Pizza Opens in San Sebastian!

Students in the university belt can enjoy a feast of flavors without going far from their campus with the opening of the new Angel's Pizza in San Sebastian. This would the replacement of the former branch located along recto. Since they have adapted a new look and feel for their branches, a new location would also be a great new start for the new Angel's Pizza.

Exciting Biscoff Biscoveries for Christmas

It is once again the sweetest time of the year and making the holidays even sweeter is Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee[1], Biscoff. An original from Belgium, Biscoff is spreading its sweetness in Manila. Long known as the perfect partner for any coffee break, Biscoff is now also being introduced as the perfect culinary partner.
Just in time for the holidays, Biscoff gives away easy to make, do-it-yourself recipes that are perfect for the holiday season. Whether to use as gifts or as holiday party treats, Biscoff offers delightful bites that everyone will enjoy making at home.

Go On A Holiday Food Trip With Maginhawang Pasko

December is indeed the month of celebrations, and a lot of food. With Christmas coming closer (so as Star Wars), celebrations are abundant this month. It's also a great time to celebrate it with friends and family and go on a food trip, and what comes to mind is Maginhawa street!
The success of last year’s Quezon City Food Festival is totally unprecedented. Tens of thousands came and truth be told, we were not prepared for the sheer number of people who celebrated with us. The response was certainly overwhelming. More than that, what we saw was an opportunity to further support the dedicated community of Maginhawa and likewise open doors for the young entrepreneurs of Quezon City. Hence, the "Maginhawang Pasko" festival was born.