Metro Ruins : Newest Resto Hub in Makati

Looking for a new place to hang out? Chill and enjoy the urban feel with thew newest Resto hub in Makati, the "Metro Ruins". Break out from all the streets of the city life and see the metropolitan view in a new light. Satisfy your food choices in this 2-in-1 restaurant spot featuring Yakitori Daitokyo and Dampa by the Ruins, a fusion of Japanese and Filipino cuisine.

Yakitori Daitokyo is a bistro that offers Japanese street food specially yakitori or grilled skewered food. Based on traditional small Japanese restaurants Yakitori-ya, a popular gathering place particularly for young people and office working on their way home.

Dampa by the Ruins is a bar/restaurant inspired by the shanties of informal settlers. The walls in this place depict lowly living conditions of the urban poor. In a small way, we are paying tribute to this marginalized sector of the population who despite the odds managed to overcome the challenges of poverty.

Metro Ruins is open daily from 11am to 2pm and 530pm to 10pm. For inquiries call 8999595 loc 344 or 8999824, via txt 09185033399, or email