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Metro Ruins : Newest Resto Hub in Makati

Looking for a new place to hang out? Chill and enjoy the urban feel with thew newest Resto hub in Makati, the "Metro Ruins". Break out from all the streets of the city life and see the metropolitan view in a new light. Satisfy your food choices in this 2-in-1 restaurant spot featuring Yakitori Daitokyo and Dampa by the Ruins, a fusion of Japanese and Filipino cuisine.
Yakitori Daitokyo is a bistro that offers Japanese street food specially yakitori or grilled skewered food. Based on traditional small Japanese restaurants Yakitori-ya, a popular gathering place particularly for young people and office working on their way home.

Can You Eat Without Your Sight?

Let's say we all went blind for a moment, how would we feel. For us who use them from the time we wake up to the time we sleep, it seems that we never noticed the importance of our eyes. With a lot of things going on around us, and how sight enhances our experience. The colors of the environment, the warmth of the tones and how it can also affect us emotionally and physically.
In eating, vision plays a big part with the presentation and colors of the food boosts appetite. It would be easy to say that it would not be a big deal, however to be at that situation where everything is absolutely pitch black is scary. Zoomanity Group, one of the leading companies in the park industry, recently made a unique and meaningful food event called Dinner In The Dark. These were held in various venues of Zoomanity parks and partners. I was able to attend one in Yakitori Daitoktyo in Metropolitan st., Makati.

Win up to P100,000 when you order on foodpanda!

Order your way to P100,000 as foodpanda gives you Freaky Fridays!
From November 13 to December 4, 2015, all single transaction orders worth a minimum of P500 placed every Friday from 10 AM to 11 PM will serve as a raffle entry to win the weekly cash prizes:
* November 13 – P10,000
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Calata Corporation Makes A New Delicious Guinness World Record!

Pinoys love food and we do excel with it in many ways, from cuisine, style, fusion and even the ingredients used. And one of the most celebrated Filipino food, the Lechon has been the star of many fiestas, weddings, anniversaries and life events. Calata Corporation is one of the largest agribusiness conglomerates in the country, recently mounted a grand “Lechon Party”, achieving a Guinness World Record on the largest serving of roast pork. Held at the Liwasang Aurora, Quezon City Memorial Circle, this event also served as celebratory feast and an early Christmas treat for the less privileged residents of Metro Manila, as part of the company’s 16th anniversary.

Calata Corporation is the largest retailer and distributor of top agrochemical brands, feeds, fertilizers, veterinary medicines and seeds throughout the country. Calata Corporation also owns and operates a chain of retail stores named AGRI, the largest retailer of the country’s choice brands such as AGRI Crop Protection, Heisenbe…

Online ordering is now more convenient with foodpanda and SafeZone

In this increasingly digital era, it is now easier to get when you want, when and where you want it—a commitment foodpanda, the leading online food ordering marketplace, has made to hungry customers around the country. More and more Filipinos are placing their food delivery orders online; however, a common barrier remains for many of them: data access. Ordering food online requires users to go through several web pages before successfully checking out, and for prepaid subscribers, this means incurring data charges on top of their load balance or data package allocation.

Zoomanity Group's Dinner In The Dark

Ever wonder what would it be to be blind? Get a chance to open your eyes with their "dark" condition at the special dinner event called "Dinner in the Dark" by Zoomanity group. This great cause will give you a unique experience of dining in total darkness and understand how is it to be blind.
Zoomanity group, one of the leading companies in the park industry, will host series of "Dinner in the Dark" for the benefit of the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines. This exceptional event will create awareness amongst us what is it like to lose our sense of sight and appreciate it even more. Guests will have a 30-minute orientation before the dinner which will be held in different Zoomanity parks and restaurant. During the dinner, participants sense of sight will be totally diminished then other sense will take ove and will be heightened. Wonderful scents and sounds and beautiful music, will be experienced as well.

Calata Corp guns to break Guinness Record with ‘Lechon Party’

Calata Corporation, one of the biggest agribusiness conglomerates in the country, is mounting a grand “Lechon Party” for the less privileged residents of Metro Manila in its bid to break the record for largest serving of roast pork. The Lechon Party is set to happen on November 8, 2015, 4:00 pm at the Liwasang Aurora, Quezon City Memorial Circle, Quezon City, in celebration of Calata Corporation’s 16th anniversary, and as an early Christmas gift to the less fortunate residents of the Metro.