Enjoy Staycation this Rainy Season with Samsung Digital Appliances

Who says rainy days need to be dark and gloomy? Last July, a group of media practitioners brightened up their kitchens with good food to dispel the rainy day blues. Under the masterful supervision of renowned culinary master and Samsung Digital Appliances Ambassador Chef Ernest Gala showed the Fifth Samsung Digital Appliances Cooking Workshop participants that staying indoors can be a gustatory experience for friends and family.

The theme of the workshop was “Cozy Cooking Recipes for the Rainy Days,” where Chef Ernest showed participants how to whip up comfort food such as Carbonara and Chicken Pie – all ingredients maintained fresh by Samsung Refrigerator’s cooling technology while Samsung Smart Oven’s features ensured easier and healthier cooking.

“If you’re going to be stuck at home, then it had better be with good food. Thankfully, these dishes are perfect for those days when you need to stay indoors. Our participants were thrilled to know that they can actually create these with ease using Samsung Digital Appliances, which can make cooking just like child’s play,” said Chef Ernest.

Participants marveled at how easy it was to prepare Carbonara using the microwave function of the Smart Oven. In under five minutes, they were able to make a creamy sauce to go with the pasta. A bigger surprise was the Chicken Pie, which could be prepared using the Smart Oven’s microwave with convection and microwave with grill functions in just around 10 minutes.

With Samsung Smart Oven featuring these two functions, one does not have to experience the hassle of preparing food. For instance, the convection function assures cooking of the chicken evenly without the need of opening the oven to rotate the chicken. The grill function, on the other hand, will let you indulge on tasty, crispy food as it ensures the outside is cooked perfectly while the inside is oozing with flavor.

Once prepared, this can be kept fresh in the Samsung Refrigerator for those who want to enjoy it anytime during their staycation.

Over the past few months, Chef Ernest has conducted monthly cooking sessions for groups with various interests and inclinations, such as mothers, children, lifestyle writers, and restaurant reviewers. In all the workshops, participants are taught the importance of ensuring the freshness of food using the Samsung Refrigerator. Each cooking session also highlights one function of the Samsung Smart Oven and how it can be used to prepare meals that can be easily whipped up at home. These sessions aim to let everyone discover the wonders they can create in their kitchens and share with their loved ones.

“Samsung aims to bring Filipinos the many joys of cooking using durable and intuitive appliances. Samsung’s Digital Appliances are so innovative and versatile, and they would certainly serve Filipino families in any occassion, anytime they want to enjoy the pleasures of the kitchen,” concluded Daye Barbatchano, Master Trainer for Samsung Digital Appliances.


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