#BritishInvasion In The Philippines With #LondonStyle Costa Coffee

Coffee shops, they are almost everywhere in the metro. And they come in different forms and services that gives them their identity, and this year a new player in the Coffee Shop industry will invade Manila with the Union Jack as its banner and of course their special kind of blend.

Costa Coffee is known to be the leading coffee brand in Great Britain and has made a lot of branches overseas. This all started out in 1971 when two brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa, would make premium coffee which they retailed at first but eventually proceeded in starting their own cafe.
Now fast track to today wherein they are now a global coffee shop brand with over 3,000 stores worldwide. Now they will do another epic history for their books with the opening of the first Costa Coffee Branch in the Philippines this June 29.

The first branch located in Eastwood City CityWalk 1 (located near the central plaza), the district has a lot of coffee houses as it is home of a lot of BPO offices that rely on a caffeine fix to perk them up as they face graveyard and shifting schedules.

Having to have a sneak peek inside the store before it opened, the feel was definitely different. And with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee assures you that they are no 3-in-1 blend. Of course, tea is also an available beverage and there are also pastries and salads that provides a fill for the tummy.

The second floor of the shop is spacious, and showcases furniture and fixtures with British touch. Truly, London has come to Manila and brought Costa Coffee along with it. They also employed Filipinos who worked with the brand in some of their international stores, one of them is Erl Olig, who is a latte art maestro in Qatar, now working and providing stunning coffee and foam art for customers. 


Londoners as only tea drinkers is a common misconception, and Costa Coffee aims to tell the world that the Brits love their coffee and are some of the most demanding customers! 

It is the vibrancy of the London culture and their thirst for quality that Costa aims to bring to the Philippines, as well as a taste of home to those who have always known and loved the brand.“Coffee is more than a stimulating drink—it is a lifestyle too. Costa Coffee is very much part of British cafe society.  The arrival of this venture in the Philippines is not just good news for me but also an opportunity for Filipinos to experience a little piece of Britain,” said Asif Ahmad, British Ambassador to the Philippines. 

Costa Coffee is excited to finally be in the Philippines, and is eager to delight its new batch of happy customers by serving them the fine coffee that they truly deserve, #LondonStyle.

Costa Coffee will be opening branches in Eastwood, Robinson’s Ermita, Tera Towers, Bonifacio Global City, and Robinson’s Antipolo this 2015. 

To anticipate each store opening, Costa Coffee will be having a special promotional offer: “Fancy a free cup of coffee? Absobloodylutely! Order your Frostino Mocha Cream with a British accent and get it for free, from 2-4pm on opening day”.


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