Say Holy Crab! At SM MoA

Seafood dining is one interesting food adventure with a variety of choices like shrimp, crab, mussels, etc. There are also a lot of ways one can enjoy these sea foods, mix them up, buttered, grilled, fry, and a whole lot more. At the Mall of Asia, seafood dining finds a new home with the opening of Holy Crab located in SM Mall of Asia.

Holy Crab was conceptualized by a group of friends who love seafoods, Peter Tajon and Dots Tan. What seemed to be a simple venture into the food business, turned out into a big opportunity that started with thier first store located in Paranaque. Now for their second branch, they found a spot at the Mall of Asia Music Hall, a strategic location for people going to the seaside of the SM MoA grounds.

The ambiance of the store is quite different from the first one as they try a whole new feel for restaurant which is inspired from beach side culture especially surfing. And they actually have a real surfboard in the store, but don't be tempted to ride one while dining. There are also a paper-clad tables and crayons for kids and adults who would like to do a little art while waiting for their orders.

The store design was also meticulously conceptualized by them with some of the art were made by them to give it a real personal touch for the store. 

Now let's take a taste of some of their menu...

For starters, we had Sizzling Salted Duck Egg and Grilled Pork Sisig, a whole new twist with re regular sisig that we know with sizzling sisig mixed with egg but this time they used salted egg to top the crunchy and tasty pork, added with a little mayo and viola! A new favorite is born!

Now enough of the turf and let's get on with the surf with Holy Calamari which are fried calamari rings breaded and fried to optimal perfection. And we know that they are fresh from they way they are chewed. It was not rubbery nor soggy, indeed that they are fresh from the sea.

Trying out a spicy side with Crisp Gambas Overload is a potential favorite for diners with prawns. With prawns cooked with spices and with some creamy sauce already teases with the scent and then the palette. 
They also the "boiling  bags" which when I first encountered the term was a plastic bag boiled along with its contents of seafood, vegetables, seasoning. But it is actually boiled in a pot and later transferred into a bag where it can actually be mixed with the flavors and the vegetables. 

Of course, their pride is with their crabs, with a variety of ways to cook them, the Chili crab is still the bestseller.  One can also enjoy their mussels that are also placed in the boiling bags.

They also offer a variety of drinks you can choose from, and they also serve beer (yay!). For their coolers they have Crabby Orange Ice Tea, Blue Sea Lemonade, and Raspberry Citrus Cooler.

Of course, eating seafood may be quite a chore but it is definitely fun with the use of gloves and crackers and of course a bib. The dining experience is never boring with all of the thing you can do in the restaurant as well with the seafood that you will savor.

And now for our highly recommended dish for this food stop is...  CHILI CRAB!

Though not a chili person, the crabs made me eat them and with full determination. This Singaporean favorite is quite tricky since it would also depend on the spice tolerance set by the customer, which Holy Crab gives liberty to their customers. 

Priced by weight, crabs would be a little pricier compared to all the other menu, but definitely worth every centavo with the rich sauce, as well as the meaty insides of the crab which is indeed a bang for the buck.

Holy Crab will indeed expand their business to other places, and their store in MoA is happy to serve the seafood loving public.  You may also want to check out their Facebook page for updates and even see you dining pictures uploaded using the hashtag #HolyCrabMentality. 


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