Would You Dare Try The Double Down Dog?:

In this episode of Food Discoveries, we go try another well-talked about food creations by KFC which is the Double Down Dog. If you are familiar with the double down burger which is a combination of all meat sandwich of chicken, bacon and cheese. Heart rate, blood pressure and eyebrows were raised when it came out in the market. 

Definitely not a healthy option but a brave experiement by KFC to venture to weird food concoctions, the double down burger earned a spot for a title of heart attack foods. This year, they again venture into a new double down variant but this time with a hotdog. Thus the Double Down Dog is born.

Described as hotdog sandwich with chicken fillet as its bun and topped with mayo mustard sauce on top looks more simple compared to the double down, but like hotdog sanwiches, eating this one could get a little messy. The chicken fillet is also the same one used in double down but shaped to envelop the hotdog (Tender Juicy Hotdog). The packaging comes in a half open box container with a paper wrapper. Initially, the Double Down Dog was released on a limited stock at selected areas but eventually had sufficient stocks and is now available on almost all stores.

The verdict: 2 out of 5

The Double Down Dog has the charm of a double down burger but it was not enough to satisfy my taste. There are just two characteristics that is kinda off; one would be the messy sauce that runs around the "bun" and hotdog even when handled properly; second is that the taste of the hotdog does not fair to the chicken which has more flavor due to the flavorings. I would be better if they wrapped a bacon around the hotdog which could have brought flavor and texture to the sandwich and also some added pogi points for the looks rather than just have chicken and hotdog combination.

The Double Down Dog is available as a fully loaded meal for P180 or as a combo for P129.


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