#FoodCrawlQC: An Impromptu Bite Around Tomas Morato

Just This Monday, I saw in facebook Azrael (azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com) invitation to all available bloggers in the area to join them in an "biglaan" (impromptu) food trip around the Tomas Morato Area. And since I need to have a breather from all the work I have to do, I did reply with the interest. Bloggers John Bueno (www.kumagcow.com), Rodel Flordeliz (www.nognoginthecity.com), Edel (www.thekitchengodess.blogspot.com), Athena (www.lifestyleavenue.blogspot.com) and Chad (www.reimarufiles.com) are our companions for this food trip.
The Food Crawl may not be a chain of restuarant which we usually do, but for this one we went on a some places that many of us have not noticed or never knew about the new things about them. Now, on the first stop for the Food Crawl we have one of our regular featured restaurants Figaro Coffee 

Figaro Coffee Tomas Morato
Tomas Morato cor Scount Lozano st.

Figaro Coffee has always been active in presenting new ideas and menu into their offerings. From a regular coffee shop, they have also evolved into a small restaurant that offers one-of-a-kind meals that go well with their beverages as well as desserts that would satisfy people with a craving for some sugar.

Now on their menu is a new meal offering called FAVORITE MEALS. These rice meals are perfect for busy people like me who would like to enjoy their dinner to less heavy traffic pass. They introduced two meals for this set; Salisbury Steak Buger and Beef Broccoli Stir Fry.

Salisbury Steak Burger is made with a lean beef burger patty topped off with a special mushroom gravy with a cup of rice and corn peas side. Beef Broccoli Stir Fry is made with beef sirloin strips stew dish with broccolli, baby corn and quail eggs. Each meal comes with a regular ice tea drink.

Another new addition to the menu for their All Day Breakfast menu is the Gourmet Tuyo in Olive Oil which brings this Filipino breakfast favorite in a whole new level by frying it in olive oil and placed over grilled eggplant with salsa paired with rice and egg. Meals under the All Day Breakfast comes with a cup of brewed coffee.

Among all the selections for this stop, I have to say thet the Beef Broccoli Stir Fry is my choice. And looks like that these new offering will be be part of the regular offering for Figaro Coffee.

Kamuning Bakery
43 Judge Jimenez st.cor K-1st St. 

Along with the rich history of the Kamuning district in Quezon City is the existence of the first bakeshop upon the establishment of the Quezon City, Kamuning Bakery has been in service since 1939 which is even pre-war!

Kamuning Bakery now still endures on its original site and is now under new management of Wilson Lee Flores who is also a professor, historian, businessman and now owns the oldest bakeshop in the city. The new management did kept the traditional recepies which the bakeshop is known for with some addition of new offering for both old and new customers. 

Having being raised in a bakery, I did knew about this bakeshop but consider it as a far competition as we are located on a different location. But what makes this a favorite by its customers is the bread that you cannot find anywhere else, like their bestseller the Pan De Suelo.

Mr. Flores shared to us the rich history of the bakery as well as the prominent people who are regular customers in the shop which dates back to decades and prominent names in showbiz, politics and industry. Recently they made improvements with the looks of the bakery as well as the addition of two new business that goes with the bakery, the Kamuning Bakery Cafe and the Pugon Chicken. 

The Bakery Cafe is targeted to open at the end of the month with a menu of an all day Filipino breakfast and coffee. The small cafe has the elements of Pinoy nostalgia and the history and reviews of the bakery. The Chicken Pugon Place will utelize the old bread ovens which is converted for chicken roasting. 

Now with a new look yet the same passion for quality bread and pastries, Kamuning Bakery is now ready to continue its legacy and be the legendary bakeshop in Quezon City.

Runner's Kitchen 
Tomas Morato

Tomas Morato is filled with almost all kinds of world cuisine. Name it, this street has it, and mostly they are fast food and hearty restaurants. But among these restaurants, they lack a quality which many restaurants consider a large risk in the business, using healthy and organic ingredients.

Photographer Xander Angeles and Actress Glaiza De Castro went against the norm of the conventional restaurants and came up with a restaurant called RUNNER'S KITCHEN located in Tomas Morato. This venture was born due their group of friends who are all runners and whould like to have a healthy option after their runs. Chef Matt heads the creation of their menu which was a challenge for him as he was used to cooking the usual menu and ingredients.

The restaurant features a menu that utelizes organic materials which gives more nutritional benefits. The menu are unique and brings a fusion of Filipino and world cuisine. For this food crawl we had their Light Bites; Artichokes and Tea-smoked Quezong Puti on whole wheat crostini, Eggplant caviar  on Whole Wheat Crostini, Healthy Whole Wheat Nachos, and Spicy Tuna Quinoa Roll.

Under their Complex Carbohydrates are pasta dishes wherein we tasted two of them,  Beef Brisket Pasta and Wild Boar Carbonara, yes you read that right... wild boar! And with that, this is the most highly recommended dish for this food crawl!

The complexity of the dishes may be overwhelming but the taste of them indeed made it a worthy heathly alternative to the common menu which would contain high levels of salt, sugar and oil that is not healthy. Runner's Kitchen can prove that eating hearty can also be healthy, of course with proper exercise and diet.

So this thus concludes the QC Fod Crawl in Tomas Morato, and this is not the last as the gang will plan more Food Crawls in the metro, probably in my city Mandaluyong. But as for now, Quezon City's Kamuning district has already our tummies filled as well as our minds with history and facts. Until the  next food crawl!


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