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Samsung Digital Appliances Sixth Cooking Workshop Recipes!

During the GalaStars Culinary School last 28 August 2015, we were asked to prepare Italian Dishes with a Filipino Twist. Among the Samsung Cooking Workshop series, these recipes are my favorite and I hope of sharing this to all of you! 

It is another day of cooking, plating, and tasting using the best ingredients, the best instructor, and the best appliance for the job, the Samsung Microwave Oven!

SM Hypermarket Pinoy Street Food Winner Hailed

Filipino food is already impressive and has gained fans all over the world, this goes same with Pinoy street food which is a favorite by many, if not by all. And in each family there will be a chef that has their own version of Filipino favorites. 

SM Hypermarket recognizes the potential of Pinoy cooks and how they can par with chefs of hotel ans restaurant, that is why they have set up the Best Pinoy Street Food Cooking Competition.

In an epic cook-off by some of the country’s most talented street food cooks, ten of the best street food cooks competed at the grand finals where they were tested, not only by the Kusina Master - Chef Boy Logro but also by a crowd of 100 people composed of students, drivers, shoppers, and other business owners, the ones who eat their dishes every day.

Angel's Pizza Opens in San Sebastian!

Students in the university belt can enjoy a feast of flavors without going far from their campus with the opening of the new Angel's Pizza in San Sebastian. This would the replacement of the former branch located along recto. Since they have adapted a new look and feel for their branches, a new location would also be a great new start for the new Angel's Pizza.

Exciting Biscoff Biscoveries for Christmas

It is once again the sweetest time of the year and making the holidays even sweeter is Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee[1], Biscoff. An original from Belgium, Biscoff is spreading its sweetness in Manila. Long known as the perfect partner for any coffee break, Biscoff is now also being introduced as the perfect culinary partner.
Just in time for the holidays, Biscoff gives away easy to make, do-it-yourself recipes that are perfect for the holiday season. Whether to use as gifts or as holiday party treats, Biscoff offers delightful bites that everyone will enjoy making at home.

Go On A Holiday Food Trip With Maginhawang Pasko

December is indeed the month of celebrations, and a lot of food. With Christmas coming closer (so as Star Wars), celebrations are abundant this month. It's also a great time to celebrate it with friends and family and go on a food trip, and what comes to mind is Maginhawa street!
The success of last year’s Quezon City Food Festival is totally unprecedented. Tens of thousands came and truth be told, we were not prepared for the sheer number of people who celebrated with us. The response was certainly overwhelming. More than that, what we saw was an opportunity to further support the dedicated community of Maginhawa and likewise open doors for the young entrepreneurs of Quezon City. Hence, the "Maginhawang Pasko" festival was born.

Metro Ruins : Newest Resto Hub in Makati

Looking for a new place to hang out? Chill and enjoy the urban feel with thew newest Resto hub in Makati, the "Metro Ruins". Break out from all the streets of the city life and see the metropolitan view in a new light. Satisfy your food choices in this 2-in-1 restaurant spot featuring Yakitori Daitokyo and Dampa by the Ruins, a fusion of Japanese and Filipino cuisine.
Yakitori Daitokyo is a bistro that offers Japanese street food specially yakitori or grilled skewered food. Based on traditional small Japanese restaurants Yakitori-ya, a popular gathering place particularly for young people and office working on their way home.

Can You Eat Without Your Sight?

Let's say we all went blind for a moment, how would we feel. For us who use them from the time we wake up to the time we sleep, it seems that we never noticed the importance of our eyes. With a lot of things going on around us, and how sight enhances our experience. The colors of the environment, the warmth of the tones and how it can also affect us emotionally and physically.
In eating, vision plays a big part with the presentation and colors of the food boosts appetite. It would be easy to say that it would not be a big deal, however to be at that situation where everything is absolutely pitch black is scary. Zoomanity Group, one of the leading companies in the park industry, recently made a unique and meaningful food event called Dinner In The Dark. These were held in various venues of Zoomanity parks and partners. I was able to attend one in Yakitori Daitoktyo in Metropolitan st., Makati.

Win up to P100,000 when you order on foodpanda!

Order your way to P100,000 as foodpanda gives you Freaky Fridays!
From November 13 to December 4, 2015, all single transaction orders worth a minimum of P500 placed every Friday from 10 AM to 11 PM will serve as a raffle entry to win the weekly cash prizes:
* November 13 – P10,000
* November 20 – P20,000
* November 27 – P30,000
* December 4 – P40,000

Calata Corporation Makes A New Delicious Guinness World Record!

Pinoys love food and we do excel with it in many ways, from cuisine, style, fusion and even the ingredients used. And one of the most celebrated Filipino food, the Lechon has been the star of many fiestas, weddings, anniversaries and life events. Calata Corporation is one of the largest agribusiness conglomerates in the country, recently mounted a grand “Lechon Party”, achieving a Guinness World Record on the largest serving of roast pork. Held at the Liwasang Aurora, Quezon City Memorial Circle, this event also served as celebratory feast and an early Christmas treat for the less privileged residents of Metro Manila, as part of the company’s 16th anniversary.

Calata Corporation is the largest retailer and distributor of top agrochemical brands, feeds, fertilizers, veterinary medicines and seeds throughout the country. Calata Corporation also owns and operates a chain of retail stores named AGRI, the largest retailer of the country’s choice brands such as AGRI Crop Protection, Heisenbe…

Online ordering is now more convenient with foodpanda and SafeZone

In this increasingly digital era, it is now easier to get when you want, when and where you want it—a commitment foodpanda, the leading online food ordering marketplace, has made to hungry customers around the country. More and more Filipinos are placing their food delivery orders online; however, a common barrier remains for many of them: data access. Ordering food online requires users to go through several web pages before successfully checking out, and for prepaid subscribers, this means incurring data charges on top of their load balance or data package allocation.

Zoomanity Group's Dinner In The Dark

Ever wonder what would it be to be blind? Get a chance to open your eyes with their "dark" condition at the special dinner event called "Dinner in the Dark" by Zoomanity group. This great cause will give you a unique experience of dining in total darkness and understand how is it to be blind.
Zoomanity group, one of the leading companies in the park industry, will host series of "Dinner in the Dark" for the benefit of the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines. This exceptional event will create awareness amongst us what is it like to lose our sense of sight and appreciate it even more. Guests will have a 30-minute orientation before the dinner which will be held in different Zoomanity parks and restaurant. During the dinner, participants sense of sight will be totally diminished then other sense will take ove and will be heightened. Wonderful scents and sounds and beautiful music, will be experienced as well.

Calata Corp guns to break Guinness Record with ‘Lechon Party’

Calata Corporation, one of the biggest agribusiness conglomerates in the country, is mounting a grand “Lechon Party” for the less privileged residents of Metro Manila in its bid to break the record for largest serving of roast pork. The Lechon Party is set to happen on November 8, 2015, 4:00 pm at the Liwasang Aurora, Quezon City Memorial Circle, Quezon City, in celebration of Calata Corporation’s 16th anniversary, and as an early Christmas gift to the less fortunate residents of the Metro.

Feeling stressed? #ChooseYourBottles and chill out!

Do you belong to the young crop of the millennial generation? If yes, then you are part of the population’s most stressed out individuals.
According to recent surveys, millennials- those aged between 18 to 33, suffer from the highest stress level out of all the other current living generations. Work, money, and relationships were cited as the top three factors that make today’s young movers and shakers quite unhappy about life. Not to mention the high expectations that society has put on their shoulders.

Thrills, treats and prizes mark the Halloween Soiree at Buddha-Bar Manila

PLUS Who gets to bring home a spanking new Range Rover?
It’s that time of year when kids go trick-a-treating, mysterious tales abound, and spooky parties are thrown left and right. On October 30, 2015, Buddha-Bar Manila invites you to a Halloween Soiree that runs from 6pm until 12 midnight.
Come in your best Halloween ensemble and win fabulous prizes courtesy of our esteemed partners Skyjet Airlines, official airline; Boracay Tropics, official beach resort; Art of Scent, official luxury fragrance boutique; Hotel Celeste, official Boutique Hotel; Manny O Wines, Official Wine; and Chocolate Magic by Chips Delight.

Gatorade Launches New Variant - White Lightning with New Ambassadors

Gatorade has made its mark as the beverage of athletes and still continues to be present with major sports in the world. And here in the Philippines, it is also dominates as we are crazy with basketball, volleyball, and teams in the NCCA and UAAP. The brand is celebrating the golden anniversary with the launch of their new variant, WHITE LIGHTNING.

White Lightning has the orange-and-grapefruit-flavor white colored beverage that will be added to the roster of flavors that are favorites by many. With the introduction of White Lighting to the market, there are now more options for different folks.

Thank You For Great Pastries Chef Hasset Go...

It is a sad day for bakers and chefs today with the passing of the young and talented MedChef Hasset Go, who has succumbed to liver cancer just today. He was known to be a great pastry chef which grew with the MedChef brand. I was able to meet him in occasions, and even had a feature on him at the Il Mercanti event 3 years ago.

Samsung Digital Appliances 5th Cookin Workshop: “Cozy Cooking Recipes for the Rainy Days”

GalaStars Culinary School, Recipes by: Chef Ernest Gala

1) 250 grams fettuccini or spaghetti. Cook according to package directions. Drain. Serve with sauce.
2) Sauce: ¼ cup each of Mayonnaise and Cheese Pimiento, 1 can campbells cream of chicken soup.
3) Topping: ½ cup each quickmelt cheese and chopped bacon.
4) Procedure: Combine and mix well Mayonnaise, cheese pimiento and chicken soup in a microwavable bowl. Cover with Cling. Put in Samsung smart oven. Set to Microwave mode at 600W for two minutes. Remove Cling and mix well. Return Cling and put back sauce in Smart oven. Set to Microwave mode at 600W for 30 seconds to one minute.
5) Remove and mix with cook Pasta. Toss. Top with quickmelt cheese and bacon.

Bit Bite Northern Food Festival On Its 3rd Year at Marquee Mall

Feast into the best of Northern cuisine this weekend! MarQuee Mall’s Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival kicks off today with fireworks, marching band, street dancing and cooking of popular sisig varieties.
Now on its third year, Big Bite will showcase three of the best-loved northern flavors in a grand sisig cookout at the “Sisig Festival”, one of the main highlights of Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival on October 16, 17, and 18. The Sisig Festival is an ode to the quintessential Kapampangan dish. This year it will feature three popular sisig variations from Pangasinan, Ilocos as well as the traditional Kapampangan recipe. Chef Jackie dela Cruz whips up the Ilocano version called “dinakdakan” while Chef Danilo Maramba cooks the Pangasinan version, replacing pork with bangus, a popular catch from the region. Chef Sau del Rosario prepares the traditional Kapampangan pork sisig.

Enjoy Staycation this Rainy Season with Samsung Digital Appliances

Who says rainy days need to be dark and gloomy? Last July, a group of media practitioners brightened up their kitchens with good food to dispel the rainy day blues. Under the masterful supervision of renowned culinary master and Samsung Digital Appliances Ambassador Chef Ernest Gala showed the Fifth Samsung Digital Appliances Cooking Workshop participants that staying indoors can be a gustatory experience for friends and family.
The theme of the workshop was “Cozy Cooking Recipes for the Rainy Days,” where Chef Ernest showed participants how to whip up comfort food such as Carbonara and Chicken Pie – all ingredients maintained fresh by Samsung Refrigerator’s cooling technology while Samsung Smart Oven’s features ensured easier and healthier cooking.

The Wait Is Worth It, Applebees is Here in the Philippines!

Applebee’s Grill & Bar®, the quintessential American restaurant since it first opened in 1980 outside Atlanta, Georgia and which has since grown to be the largest casual dining brand in the world, is opening its first location in the Philippines, it was announced today by Daniel del Olmo, President of International, DineEquity, Inc.
The new Applebee’s, which represents another step forward in the international growth strategy of parent company DineEquity, Inc., is located at the Ground Floor of the W Global Center, 30th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
It also represents an expansion of the DineEquity relationship with its franchise partner for its other leading brand, IHOP® restaurants, Global Restaurant Concepts. Global Restaurant Concepts currently operates seven IHOP restaurants in the Philippines.
The opening of Applebee’s Grill & Bar, will bring the brand’s 35 years of experience serving the best in ribs, steaks, burgers, appetizers and a range of dr…

Celebrate World Pandesal Day at Kamuning Bakery Cafe

October 16, 2015 will be celebrated worldwide as “World Bread Day”, but here at Quezon City’s first bakery, Kamuning Bakery Cafe is celebrating it as the World Pandesal Day
The pandesal is the historic and unique national bread of the Philippines, it is bread eaten by the masses, middle-class and by all. The pandesal is a basic necessity of the people, like rice. The humble pandesal bread represents the people’s simple wish for liberation from hunger. Hot freshly pugon-baked pandesal also represents happiness.
So what is in store for WORLD PANDEAL DAY by Kamuning Bakery?

Buddha-Bar Manila brings back “Sushi Disco Night: REMIX” this October

Saturday night fever continues at the most posh party destination in the metro.
Buddha-Bar Manila brings back by popular demand “Sushi Disco Night” all Saturdays of October for partyphiles to enjoy. Originally a concept from Buddha-Bar Baku in Azerbaijan, “Sushi Disco Night” hit Manila by storm from July 25 to August 29. “Sushi Disco Night: REMIX” #buddhabarmanila2015 #sushidisconightremix allows Manila’s glamorous set to swing and groove to well-loved retro music and eat lots of delightful sushi.
For Php599 net, the “Eat-All-You-Can Sushi Creations” promo can be enjoyed from 6 pm to 9 pm. The “buy 1, take 1” promo of selected sushi creations is from 9:01 p.m. to 2 a.m. Customers can avail of five bottles of local beer at Php 499 net, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Arakawa Japanese Kitchen And Bar Opens in Pasig!

Finding that restaurant to fill in that Japanese cuisine craving? Well for you located in Pasig and nearby areas you can have that one solved with the re-opening of the Arakawa Japanese Kitchen and Bar located in C. Raymundo in Pasig City. Conveniently located in one of the major roads in Pasig City, Arakawa provides a large array of dishes ranging from the all-time favorites like sushi, sashimi, ramen, and bento.

Located near Sta. Clara de Montefalco church, it is a oasis for great dining for residents and motorist passing the area. It is a good alternative for Japanese food, if you want to avoid heavy traffic and parking woes in the major commercial districts. And we have to say that the quality of the food is indeed par with other Japanese restaurant with a more friendlier price.
Now let's take a look at some of the dishes we have tried at Arakawa.  

Mango Tree Manila and Sommelier Selection Double Up for Filipino Foodie First: 'Five Perfect Pairs' of Thai

Mango Tree Manila has launched a bold new menu that pairs the restaurant's bestselling signature Thai dishes with fine wines chosen by leading French wine specialists Sommelier Selection.
Ready, set, pair! The tables are set and the pairing has been performed. All that awaits now are Manila's most discerning diners and a readiness to be wowed by Thai cuisine complemented by wines selected by the gurus of Sommelier Selection. 
Exciting news for Filipino foodies and oenophiles, the 'perfect storm' of wine pairing has formed, coupling the world's leading Thai culinary lifestyle brand with the best in the French wine business.

McDo and #AlDub Chicken Fillet Ala King Taste Test

Yes, even with food the AlDub tandem is present, and with their fame here and all over the world. It would be the best time to promote and partner with the most loved pair on television and on the internet. It was a wise move by McDonalds to get them as commercial models of the new offering they have which is Chicken Ala King.
The Chicken Ala King Meal is their latest menu which the couple has starred in its commercial. As both of them are doing a dubmash of "Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal". But of course the reality is that are still unable to meet face to face. The commercial became a viral hit with pair's following love playing and repeating the video.

Celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival at Brooklyn's New York Pizza

Call your family and friends to come to Brooklyn’s New York Pizza to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival by playing the Chinese Mooncake Festival Dice Game for only P600 per person, minimum of 12 pax, which includes food and prizes to be won!
No more hassle for shopping on prizes or planning for food to feast with your family and friends. Dial 351-0000 for reservations and choose where you would like to get together with your family and friends from any of our 6 branches: Makati, Tomas Morato, Ortigas, Alabang Town Center, BF Parañaque and Robinson's Place Manila.

Have your Wendy’s favourites delivered with foodpanda!

With its classic premium hamburgers made with square-shaped patties, signature sandwiches, fried chicken meals, zesty salads, and refreshing Frosty beverages, Wendy’s has always served great-tasting, quality food to the delight of Filipinos, guided by its promise, “quality is our recipe”.
Now, you can enjoy all your Wendy’s favourites at home or at the office, as the famous food chain now delivers with foodpanda! Simply download the foodpanda app or log on to to place your order.
Whether you are big on bacon flavour and enjoy the Baconator, with two-quarter pound beef patties, two slices of American cheese and six strips of smoked bacon in a Kaiser bun; are a hotdog lover and enjoy the New York Franks with your choice of toppings; or prefer to go healthy with the Taco Salad, made with diced tomatoes, taco chips, signature chili con carne and grated cheese, Wendy’s is sure to have something for you!
Download the foodpanda app now or go to to view Wendy’s …

Double the surprise with Red Ribbon’s new Double Deck Dedication Cake

Cakes have been integral in every Filipino celebration, more particularly during birthdays. This time, Red Ribbon—one of the leading bakeshops in the country—is offering a double treat to your loved ones with its new Double Deck Dedication Cake.
This two-layer cake offers more layers of chocolate goodness to make your child’s party an even happier birthday. With its layers of bursting chocolatey flavor, your child’s guests will surely line up for more slices.
According to Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon, the new Double Deck Dedication Cake is a rich chocolate cake with fudgy chocolate icing topped with colorful sugar confetti, dots & stars. This can be personalized with one’s special message.

FUN FOOD GIVEAWAY: Win FoodPanda Vouncher with #FunFoodFights!

Since we enjoyed our latest food instagram adventure with Splice in Greenfield District, we want you to also experience the convenience and variety of food choices with Food Panda! So we are doing a FUN FOOD SHOTS
Joining in this giveaway is simple!

1. Just post you most beautiful food shots of any of foodpanda’s partner restaurants on Instagram. List of partner restaurants can be found at
2. You must tag me @fpjjr@foodpanda_ph and use the hashtags #foodpandaphgram and #FunFoodShots in the captions.

25 grams of soy protein a day good for the heart FDA approves health claim that it reduces the risk of coronary heart disease

Amidst all the diet meals and “superfoods” available in the market nowadays, it is easy to become overwhelmed with quite a number of options. Everyday is a challenge to find meals that are healthy enough and will not rack up your cholesterol level.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filtered down the choices with its approval of a health claim that indicates the consumption of 25 grams of soy protein, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

Eastwood City Launches Food Artistry

Eastwood City has unwrapped yet another mouthwatering surprise that is sure to excite certified foodies with the launch of Eastwood Food Artistry.
The newest dining campaign of Eastwood City, aimed to shine the spotlight on the talented chefs behind its newest restaurants, was formally unveiled during star-studded degustation dinner held recently at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

Opening the glitzy gustatory event hosted by Tim Yap was Megaworld First Vice President and Commercial Division Head Kevin L. Tan.
“Apart from highlighting the talents of our chefs and their masterful creations, Eastwood Food Artistry was also envisioned to inspire up and coming chefs to master their craft and eventually become part of Eastwood City as retail partners,” Tan said during his opening remarks, which was followed by a heartwarming mini-documentary featuring Eastwood City’s most respected and sought-after chefs who also prepared the degustation menu.

Shake up your snacking experience with the return of McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries

McDonald’s gives customers another snacking experience they can look forward to with the return of the Shake Shake Fries!
Well-loved for satisfying cravings, Shake Shake Fries can now be enjoyed by McDonald’s customers in three (3) exciting flavors—the spicy yet oh-so-sweet BBQ, the melt-in-your-mouth doubly-delicious Cheesy Butter, and the savory flavor of cheesy tomato Pizza—making each snacking experience different every time.
Customers can get a free upgrade to Shake Shake Fries with every purchase of any medium or large value meal with fries. They can also opt to go for the perfect sweet and savory combination of Shake

World-renowned Pastry Chefs Open Pastry and Bakery Academy in the Philippines

World-renowned pastry chef Jean Louis Arnaud leads a group of acclaimed international chefs in opening a Philippine branch of the region’s top pastry school - the Academy of Pastry and Bakery Arts Philippines - this August 5 in Makati City.
The educational institution that they are establishing in Manila is a sister-school of the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, which Chef Jean co-founded with premier pastry chef Niklesh Sharma. Another branch of the school was recently opened in India. Incidentally, this year, Chef Jean is one of the judges for the World Food Expo (WOFEX) competition here.
Chef Niklesh, the Academy’s managing director, shared that many students , including Filipinos, go to Europe or the United States to undergo pastry training, where the courses can be very expensive.

Hattendo Chilled Cream Buns Are Now In The Philippines!

They are not mochi nor Korean Ice Cream Sandwich, they are Japanese Chilled Cream Buns which may look similar but they are better. Hattendo Japanese Chilled Cream Buns are now here in the Philippines!

Exclusively imported to the country fresh and made in Japan makes it worth each bun. They are handmade and comes in 6 different flavors (matcha, mango, chocolate, custard, chestnut, and whipped cream).
These buns are expertly crafted by artisan bakers then filled with the rich filling that is equally proportioned with the bun, less air and simply packaged for easy packing and mobility. We got to try them at the finale night of GMA Blogger's Style Camp, and I personally love the chocolate variant!
You can find Hattendo kiosks  located at Mega Fashion Hall and Mall of Asia. Hattendo is exclusively imported and distributed in the country by C3 Premium Partnerships, Inc. For more info and news you can also visit the Hattendo Philippines Facebook., and follow them on Instagram (@hattendophil…

Ready, Prep Set, Party!

The rainy season blew away the warmth of summer, but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to stay wrapped in your blanket in one corner, mourning the loss of endless sunshine. Get out from under the covers, craft a list of movies, layout the mattresses, and bring out your go-to chocolate cupcake recipe – this calls for a movie marathon party!
Preparing food for your parties is now easier thanks to the Tupperware Party Prep Set. This rhubarb colored set is perfect for meal preparations and can also be used in serving food. Each set includes:

Derek Ramsay Shows New Equation To Being Fit!

What is secret of being fit?

Derek Ramsay shows a whole new equation in getting that body we always wanted and also bring out those washboard abs that many of us dream of flaunting on the beach.

Derek being a health buff himself has believed that this can only be achieved by 100% workout. It did show with his body that the hardwork paid off, but it was not the peak of his healthy lifestyle.

Being the brand ambassador of Century Tuna since 2009, he recently discovers that the secret in achieving that beautiful and healthy body, the equation is very simple.

San Miguel Pure Foods Presents Home Foodie on GMA and News TV!

Bring out the foodie in you this August with Drew Arellano and 3 fun and talented Chefs Llena Tan-Arcenas, Chef Rene Cruz and Chef RJ Garcia who will be your buddies with this new show on GMA and GMA News TV, Home Foodie.
Proudly partnered with San Miguel Pure Foods, maker of quality and household brands like Monterey, PureFoods Hormel, Magnolia, etc., brings a whole new way of cooking show that is fast, simple, and delicious.
Drew Arellano, being known for his travel show Byahe Ni Drew and the information-filled AHA! goes into the appetizing role of hosting Home Foodie with the chefs guiding him and the viewers in creating these mouth-watering yet affordable meals they can do at home and with the most practical ingredients.

Book and Borders Cafe : A Cozy Nook For Book Lovers

Putting together two of your favorite past times, reading and enjoying a cup of coffee, in just one place, newly-opened Book and Borders Cafe is set to become one of the metro’s more popular hangouts.
Charming and inviting, Book and Borders is the latest themed café to open in Quezon City, catering to customers who have an appreciation for good books and equally good food and coffee.
Located at 281 Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Book and Borders, unlike other crowded cafes where people are more engaged in chit chat, has purposely turned their space into something that is more relaxed and quiet.

Red Ribbon capitalizes on Filipinos’ predisposition to turn the ordinary into unforgettable sweet moments

In a survey released in 2013 by the Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI), the number of manufacturing establishments for 2010 reached more than 16,000.  Interestingly enough, manufacturers of breads, pastries, cakes, pies and other similar perishable bakery products accounted for 20.3 percent or more than 3,000 of the total number of establishments.

Getting the Right Nutrition and Maintaining Muscle Health can Help you Stay Strong

Mindful eating,  regular fitness routine and maintaining a positive outlook in life are just some of this year’s practical health trends both for the young and healthy aging population alike.
Edu Manzano, veteran actor, TV personality and businessman, believes that people should gear themselves well into retirement by maintaining a healthy lifestyle even at an early stage. “I may be in my late 50s, but my body feels a lot younger. I observe a strict, balanced diet, a regular fitness routine and surround myself with a regular dose of green space.  These habits help me keep up with the demands of my career and personal life”, says Manzano. 
On the other hand, Manzano continued to explain how the loss of strength can be a challenge for aging Filipinos. He explains, “Change is usually difficult, especially when it comes to our bodies as we age.  I realize that simple tasks such as lifting objects, walking up the stairs and doing other daily physical activities are not as easy compared to do…

A Pizza For Everyone To Share!

After a long day of studying or working, it’s always a relief to catch up with the family you choose – your barkada. And what barkada bonding session could ever be complete without food? It brings great smile to the face and warmth to the stomach to share in comforting and satisfying meal that everyone loves. When you dine with your barkada at Greenwich, no one has to compromise when you order the Ultimate Overload Pizza.
Topped with mozzarella and cheddar, 4 different kinds of meat, and other favorites toppings for a total of 13 premium toppings on top of a hot, freshly-made thick crust, the Ultimate Overload Pizza has everything you need on it for an #UltimateBarkadaExperience. Meaty’ng Meaty at Cheesy’ng Cheesy – i-ultimate mo na so that everyone in the barkada gets a taste of what they’re craving.

Getting kids into the milk drinking habit

A healthy body and mind are crucial to a strong future.  Therefore, it is important that kids start early in getting the proper nutrition through the food that they eat.  When it comes to this, milk is considered to be one of nature’s nutritious foods.
Milk is a nutritionally loaded food drink, being a good source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Protein, all essential in the proper growth and development of bones and teeth.
New Birch Tree Fortified Milk has all these nutrients and a lot more.  This is a great tasting milk drink that is particularly suited to the Filipino palette.   It is also the only brand with FibroBoost, a unique set of nutrients fortified with Zinc, Vitamin C and Iron, further enhanced by Inulin Fiber.  Inulin Fiber is proven to help the body absorb up to 18% more Calcium.  “Taking Calcium is not enough.  We should ensure that it is properly absorbed by the body to reap its optimum benefits.  And because New Birch Tree Fortified has a great taste, we are posit…

Wake up to delicious mornings with new breakfast dishes and free coffee at Italianni’s

Set your alarms early because Italianni’s whipping up new breakfast dishes that are so delectable you’ll never want to skip breakfast again.
Available at the restaurant’s Greenbelt and Bonifacio High Street branches from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., the new dishes are Bistro Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood’s way of delighting early birds who come to the restaurant. And you can enjoy all these with free coffee, all the more to perk up your day!
Simple but scrumptious, the Baked Ham and Cheese Bread Bowl is the perfect morning starter - strips of cured ham and sliced shitake mushroom in warm cheese sauce topped with a sunny-side up egg and served in a freshly baked bread bowl.

Savor, share, and save with Italianni's Shareable Combos for only P945!

Go ahead and indulge your craving for excellent Italian-American fare because you can now have your favorite dishes at Italianni’s for an affordable price of P945.  Available all day everyday in all  branches,  the  Shareable Combos are good for 2 to 3 persons to share.  They are generously portioned and offer as much as P520 in savings with every order.
These platters that include some of Italianni’s well-loved classics in one plate cater to discerning customers who want to eat good food without spending so much.  The result is two mouthwatering Shareable Combos, all prepared meticulously using only the freshest ingredients that the Italian-American restaurant is known for.

Fish and Co., Launches Ultimate Fish Mate For Four

Flavor is four times the fun as FISH & CO. launches “Ultimate Fish-Mate” - a perfect meal good enough for you and three others. Aside from the Best Fish And Chips in Town, this Ultimate Fish-Mates will surely be the group’s latest favorite.
Delight in this newest combination platter that includes satisfying servings of Seafood Curry, Leg, Thigh, Peri-Peri Chicken and steamed rice. Enjoy every bite of the savory chicken marinated in spicy Peri-peri as it marries beautifully with seafood drenched in curry sauce. Priced at P995, this could easily be your next combination dish of choice.
Fish & Co always dishes up the best of flavors by offering winning combinations that bring together the best of their menu and  that  get guests hooked all over again!
To know more about Fish & Co., check us out their website:,

#BritishInvasion In The Philippines With #LondonStyle Costa Coffee

Coffee shops, they are almost everywhere in the metro. And they come in different forms and services that gives them their identity, and this year a new player in the Coffee Shop industry will invade Manila with the Union Jack as its banner and of course their special kind of blend.
Costa Coffee is known to be the leading coffee brand in Great Britain and has made a lot of branches overseas. This all started out in 1971 when two brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa, would make premium coffee which they retailed at first but eventually proceeded in starting their own cafe.
Now fast track to today wherein they are now a global coffee shop brand with over 3,000 stores worldwide. Now they will do another epic history for their books with the opening of the first Costa Coffee Branch in the Philippines this June 29.

FOOD STOPS: Kamuning Bakery And Cafe

When we had the impromptu Food Crawl in Quezon City, we have encountered.  have been to this historic bakery which was established way back in 1939. Although it was brief and the cafe part was still in the works.

Regarded as Quezon City’s first bakery, Kamuning Bakery is more of an artisanal  and pugon-style type of bakery. It is also historical and also a place where key figures of Philippine entertainment and politics also buy their favorite breads.

On Independence day, we went back to Kamuning Bakery to celebrate liberation with their menu that they now offer on the newly opened cafe. The Cafe, which used to be a space rented for other tenants like a dentist clinic, a salon etc. But since the lot was acquired by current owner Mr. Wilson Lee Flores, he developed it into a cafe that will compliment the bakery beside it.

A Toast to the Tastes of our Fathers - A whisky gifting guide for dads of all sorts

Since time immemorial, a classic gift for remarkable men has always been that perfect bottle of whisky. And with Father’s Day just around the corner, what better time would there be to once more pay tribute to the most remarkable men of all by giving them the blend that suits them just right?
The local whisky market has grown to provide gift givers the chance to take that extra step this Father’s Day—with a range of products that allow for a tailor-fitting of tastes and even of personalities. With this, however, it becomes more important that we pay attention to getting dad that blend that’s best for him. Here is a fail-proof guide to giving the most remarkable men of the world their kind of whisky.

Ramen Sora's Father's Day Treat

Made by Japanese chefs from Sapporo, the culinary center of Japan, Ramen Sora’s variety of noodle soups is your best ticket to culinary heaven on June 21, Father’s Day.
Not only does Ramen Sora offer delicious ramen, it also serves well-loved, authentic Japanese cuisine like Gyoza, Tempura, and Chicken Karaage, among others.
Whatever the occasion is, dads and their families and friends flock to Ramen Sora to enjoy's highly-rated restaurant.  
“We have guests from Manila who drive all the way to Subic to visit us, especially during weekends. The same in Cebu, we have locals and tourists flocking to Ramen Sora to experience Sapporo's best,” said Senior Marketing Manager Francis Villaluz.

Enjoy a Different Tea Experience with Serenitea’s Tea Confections

As the country’s leading homegrown milk tea brand, Serenitea has always been at the forefront of the industry, introducing new flavors and pairings when it comes to their offerings. Now with their Tea Confections line, tea lovers can enjoy Serenitea’s flavors in various forms with chocolate bars, candy bits, and tea jams.
“We are always looking for innovative ways to give customers a different kind of milk tea experience which is why we added a line of sweets and other treats to our ever-evolving menu,” said General Manager Juliet Herrera.

Two New Gerry's Grill Stores With Amazing Concepts!

The Gerry's Grill that we all love continues to expand and reinventing itself with innovations and concepts that others did not dare to even try. These changes made Gerry's a very dynamic food company which never complacent with the norm, with the changes aiming for better customer experience that goes well with the food and beverages that they are known for.

They recently launched two new store with unique concepts that they are very proud of. One is located at the Ground floor, Mega Strip B of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong while the other one is located in Aseana City along Macapagal Avenue.

Say Holy Crab! At SM MoA

Seafood dining is one interesting food adventure with a variety of choices like shrimp, crab, mussels, etc. There are also a lot of ways one can enjoy these sea foods, mix them up, buttered, grilled, fry, and a whole lot more. At the Mall of Asia, seafood dining finds a new home with the opening of Holy Crab located in SM Mall of Asia.

Holy Crab was conceptualized by a group of friends who love seafoods, Peter Tajon and Dots Tan. What seemed to be a simple venture into the food business, turned out into a big opportunity that started with thier first store located in Paranaque. Now for their second branch, they found a spot at the Mall of Asia Music Hall, a strategic location for people going to the seaside of the SM MoA grounds.

Max’s opens third store in BGC

All-time favorite restaurant opens new branch in Stopover Pavilion
Max’s Group Inc. (MGI) has opened its newest Max’s Restaurant at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig as part of its local expansion strategy for the next two months, the group recently announced.
Robert Trota, President and CEO of Max’s Group said the BGC branch, its third in Global City, gives the company a better opportunity to serve more customers in the booming mixed-use development area.