Grace Lee's Venture Hoolala Korean Chicken Opens In Ortigas!

We do have to admit that the Koreans has introduced us into many new cuisines with the boom of Korean themed restaurants and serving Bulgogi, Kimchi and Bibimbap. DJ-Host Grace Lee recently embarks on a new point of her career here in the Philippines by having her own restaurant that serves authentic Korean Chicken with Hoolala Korean Chicken in Ortigas Center.

Located in Escrive Drive (near Astoria and Shaw boulevard), Hoolala opened its doors to serve Korean Chicken. And unlike the usual, they come up with a very affordable menu yet authentic Korean Chicken to the core as she is also working with her mother in this enterprise. 

Hoolala represents the fruition of Grace’s dream of showcasing her family’s closely-guarded culinary concoctions for several generations now. With her mom overseeing the kitchen’s day-to-day operations, Grace makes sure that all the little details ensure quality, consistency, as well as the restaurant’s claim to authenticity.

As of today, they proudly serve their Korean chicken variants as well as other side dishes which can complement the flavor and experience. There are no Bulgogi, Bibimbap on their menu yet but the chicken choices plus the affordable prices is well enough reason to try it. And with people working in Ortigas (as well as the schools near it) can drop by and enjoy it regularly without being heavy on the budget.

Also working on this venture are Paolo Bediones (TV5 newscaster and owner of Puñta restaurant in Liberty Center) and PR and talent manager  Arnold Vegafria who states “We want to make authentic Korean cuisine affordable to Filipinos, and we want to shatter that false notion that Korean food is expensive,” 

Proud of their new venture, TV5 newscaster Paolo Bediones waxes optimistic about Hoolala’s expansion plans. “We’re looking at two more branches by the end of first quarter next year, and maybe follow-through exponentially when we’re really doing well.”

Grace adds, “Here, you can get a decent lunch for less than a hundred pesos, and yet you can satisfy your belly and get your money’s worth.”

And just how good is the chicken?

According to Grace, “One thing that sets us apart is that we have about 30 variants of Korean recipes that you can enjoy—crispy on the outside, juicy inside and it’s not oily. We’ve learned it from Korea, and our sauces are amazing. And there is fun in choosing the flavor that you want so it’s a very exciting Korean chicken experience.

Aside from their Original Fried Chicken, some of the bestsellers include the Snow Chicken, Yang-Nyum (in chili or garlic sauce), Garden Chicken and countless other meat, fish and veggie concoctions.

Kids will definitely love the cheery chicken caricatures adorning the restaurant walls, lending a casual yet homey ambiance. You can also try a one piece chicken meal for only 89 pesos that includes a drink!

Hoolala Korean Chicken House is open everyday and you can reach them at 638-6435 or 09266608000. You can aslo check their facebook page at and instagram and twitter.


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