Mister Donut Cafe Opens in SM Manila!

Donut cravings while in the city of Manila can be appeased with the opening of the newest semi dine-in branch in SM Manila. Mister Donut being the global brand of donuts and coffee gave way to a new look and new line up of donuts which goes back to its roots from Japan.

Recently they continued their expansion with a new look with Mister Donut Cafe which endorses world famous doughnuts as well as other special products.

The location of the new store is strategically placed in the lower ground where people go to for the food court. This gives them the advantage as one of the first food stalls that can be accessed by the public. 

Unique finds in the Mister Donut cafe is their chewy doughnut Pon de Ring, donut pops and croissants. They currently have a promo for their opening  with meals for 99 pesos which includes a croissant (chunky chicken, japanese crab and corn, or spicy tuna) and drink (coffee or coke in can).


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