KFC Chicken with Clover Chips?

KFC Philippines just launched a new "experimental" dish in their menu and it is called the Crispy Cheese Chicken. It seems to be not that special from the way it sounds but it has a special ingredient to the Chicken, crushed clover chips bits!

I will probably try this new dish if ever I come across a KFC store soon. I do love their original chicken, and I love Clover ships as a snack, the question is if they are good together. Cheese and chicken do actually go well with each other but the case is different when it is mixed with the chicken coating.

KFC's new Crispy Cheese Chicken comes with Chicken Rice, creamy country Gravy, and Mashed Potato with Corn for just P99. Available in their stores or via their website for delivery at https://kfcdelivery.com.ph.


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