#KogiFunMeet Presents KPOP Chicken

For the first Kogi Fun Meet with Bloggers, it was a gathering of food lovers and adventurers. Kogi Bulgogi, known for its distinct Korean cuisine is heading toward new menus and also more branches.

It was an afternoon with the best of Kogi Bulgogi has to offer, starting with their appetizers called Banchan which are a variety of sweet, spicy, and neutral flavors. Of course they also have spicy choices like Kimchi and Jjamppong. 

One interesting featured service in the restaurant is the option of spice levels (from 1-10) of your chosen dish that can give you a mild to wild spice flavor depending on one's preference. 

Kogi Bulgogi has a delightful fare of Korean dishes with Bulgogi being the bestseller. Other favorites in the restaurant are the Japchae, Soft Shell Crab Salad, Sae-u Twigim, Deungshim Gui, and Kimchi. Aside from its distinct spicy flavors, Korean cuisine noticeably balances their meals with vegetables which makes for an ideal dining experience.

Kogi Bulgogi has also joined in the chicken craze with KPOP ChickenKogi’s Korean Fried Chicken or KPOP Chicken is also known as Yangnyeom chicken in Korean, a dish prepare in a Korean style often served at home. Often consumed during meals and eaten at bars or taken as snacks after meals in Korean.
There are two kinds of KPOP Chicken for now, one is the sweet soy and the other is the spicy soy version. Eventually, KPOP Chicken will have more unique flavors and will have more spice levels to choose from.
And to cap off that gastronomical treat, desserts of Korean Ice Cream like Melona are also available which brings a sweet ending to the Kogi Fun Meet. You can also take a sip of Soju (Korean Wine) and with mixed options also available. 

The diversity of flavors and spice intensity makes Kogi Bulgogi  unique among Korean restaurants. From the contemporary modern interiors, diverse menu, and also the affordable choices makes it a great place for couples, family and friends.

Kogi Bulgogi has branches in Eastwood City Mall, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Promenade, Greenhills and our newly opened Kogi Bulgogi restaurant in Gateway Mall.

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