FOOD NEWS: Figaro Coffee Presents Their Christmas Offerings

Its just a few days until Christmas, and in the country, Christmas starts in the "ber" months. Figaro Coffee is starting it early with their set of Christmas offerings that will bring joy to their customers as well as the spirit of the Yultide season.

Let's start with their Glorious Treasures, a variety of collectibles that are also great gift ideas for the season. And this won't require effort of collecting stickers since you can buy them directly at reasonable amount. 

His and Her Premium Tumbler 
They  have a new tumbler design which is made to match his and her preferences. The "her" tumbler has the curvy look while the "his" tumber has a more solid and metallic feel. Both tumblers have the same volume and price but what sets them apart is their appeal.  P420

They also have a great Figaro notebook which can serve as an organizer for the coming new year. P175

Magic Mug
You might also want to give family and friends who are coffee lovers the gift of a brand new coffee mug from figaro which magically transforms from black to the figaro background when you pour in hot water.  P209

Smoke Mug
Now with a new design and unique figures that make it a special treat. (Yellow, Green and Maroon) P199

Now we move on now to the Glorious Sweets, a collection of special desserts that have been waiting for this season to be part of the menu, some are also favorites with a Christmas twist and look.

Red Velvet Cake      
A new twist to the bestseller in the cakes, with a sprikle of gold ornaments and a yultide looks gives an appetizing appeal with the same great indulgence. P115/slice
Season Fruit Cake Bar
There is a fruitcake for everybody, and Figaro gives a soft and fruity treat with the Season Fruit Cake Bar. A mix of fruit pieces in a soft cake bed makes it a great treat for kids. P65

Evergreen Chocolate Brownie Decadence               
You will enjoy the minty flavor balanced by the dark chocolate with this bar. I love the mix of the two very different flavors which when combined makes a one of a kind fusion of mint and bittersweet. P80
Snowfall Chewy Butterscotch 
If you love to enjoy the flavor and texture of your food, you must have a longer time chewing it. And this gives what people want with a combination of a chewy cake with white chocolate and marshmallows on top.     P85
Mrs. Clause Muffkies (Vanila and Chocolate) 
Mrs. Clause is known to be a great baker for his husband Santa Clause. This is the inspiration for the combination of muffins and cookies, or muffkies. With a soft muffin base, then topped with a vanilla filling. Available in chocolate and vanilla for P80 each.

Yultide Frost
Experience the uplifting and healthy drinks this yuletide season. A healthy fruit overture combined with chia seeds, creating creamy sensaion of sheer happiness and faultless indulgence in every sip. Both drinks have chia seeds which are considered as very healthy and promotes positive effects such as improved circulation and improved energy.

Mixed Berries Frost
An energizing drink with that uses the flavor of berries to perk you up as well as the chia seeds to add to that vibe. P145

Aloe Lychee Frost
A soothing beverage that compliments with the chia seeds for texture and also a fruity taste. I would love to have this on lazy sunday afternoons and even on my Christmas break. P145

So there you have it, a great collection from Figaro Coffee Company that will complete your Christmas wishlist this year!


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