Ristorante Bigoli All-You-Can-Eat PIzza and Pasta Challenge!

Ristorante Bigoli is known for their service and also thier Italian menu especially for favorites like Pizza and pasta. And recently they offered "All You Can Eat" Pizza and Pasta for customers who could not get enough of their cuisine. Also don't forget the breadsticks which goes well with every dish and also a great appetizer. 

Bigoli launched the All-You-Can-Eat Challenge in their stores and they can qualify  when they avail of the All-you-can-eat Pizza and Pasta meal.

The Challenge for their patrons is to be the ultimate Pizza and pasta lover and consume the most number of plates containing  pasta and pizza, in which pizza can actually satistfy a person for that plate, a second plate would mean a challenge even to experienced food challengers. The prize for the champion will be a brand new iPad mini!

For the All-you-can-eat Pizza and Pasta Challenge, the finalists were:

  • Kean Juan Villavicencio
  • Manolete Bayona
  • Khristianne Bernardo
  • Kevin Elroy Corcelles
  • Joseph Tabernilla
  • Tony Altamimi
  • Mike Collado
  • Christian Chua
  • Paolo San Pablo
  • Aaron Marasigan

When the challenge started, all were hungry to be the ultimate champion. The duration of 30 minutes gives the challengers time pressure to finish the most number of plates in that period. In the 15th minute mark, things actually becomes slower with most of teh challengers are already full of pizza and pasta. It's really not a joke to take in that much food since I participated in a eating challenge and also how heavy you can become.

And as they where on the countdown to the final seconds, it there was a possibility of a three-way tie because of the number of plates consumed. But the winner can actually be determined with the weighted leftovers of the challengers.

Finally, after scaling, the winner of the challenged is revealed to be Aaron Marasigan. Interestingly about the champion is his long drive from Batangas to Eastwood and was the last to register in the list. He said that he also works out which also burn the food that he took in. Now, he is not only full but also have a new iPad mini in his hands.

The All-you-can-eat Pizza and Pasta Challenge was held at Bigoli Eastwood city and sponsored by Coca Cola and Ideal Pasta.


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