Food Trip: SM City San Lazaro

This summer, its a good idea to get out of the hot weather and have a food trip at the nearest mall. One of the community malls in the area is SM City San Lazaro which houses hundreds of food choices for those adventurous or just want something different.

Me and some fellow bloggers went to taste some of the offerings in the mall particularly at the food court. This is where you can find all-time favorites like Binalot, Sisig Hooray and Master Shomai.

Binalot is one of the brands we featured in the blog for their Filipino menu wrapped in environment-friendly banana and paper packaging.

And to complete the food court experience we had servings of shomai from master shomai which is also a favorite fast food for commuters like me.

Now just after a brief resting period, its now off to our next destination, BREAD STORY. This unique bakeshop offer a wide array of bread and pasties which have interesting names, for example "Bread Pitt".

They also sell cakes with colorful themes, and I think that they actually have a wider variety of bread products which can keep you coming back to their bakeshop. You can also have a peek on the kneading, baking and decoarting process which ensures costumers fresh products are made on the spot.

They have branches in SM Fairview and and this newly opened store in SM City San Lazaro.

But before we went to our final stop for this food trip, we do need to rest to give our stomach some space for the final wave. And it would be indeed a battle with heavy yet healthy dishes from Kenny Rogers' Roasters.

At Kenny Rogers' we got to taste their new menu that is inspired by the wild west. It turns out to be a cheesy encounter with mexican favorites like the quesadilla and burrito. Both are really tasty and mildy peppery. But we do went here for the main course which is the Roast Beef Platter.

The Dish contains a perfect mix of what health buffs would say is "the good, the bad and the ugly", well  in terms of calories of course, but it will actually provide a hearty meal as it contains a side of vegetables, rice and a crispy pork roast belly. 

Compared to others, the dish is more healthier as it is baked not fried in a sea of oil. And the rice and vegetables provide nutrition and fibers that balances the meal. 

The food tripping was indeed successful and we hardly left the mall. And with the hot season  upon us, food trips should be more of indulging on the foods than the hassles of it. And you don't need to go far because there is the community mall of SM City San Lazaro near you.


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