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Mezza Norte List of Vendors

Just in case you may pass by MEZZA NORTE in Trinoma, you can check out these food establishments offering unique menu that makes every visit a one of a kind food trip. Mezza Norte is available Friday to Sunday from 5pm to 3am.
For this stop, we chosen 3  best food stalls which we have tried their specialties.
Chicken Choppers - best for tasty chicken pops inspired from the delicacy of Taiwan.PAJ Grill - Big servings, wide array of choices, BBQ heaven!Joshua Tree - great and interesting style of noodles with toppings and flavors that are truly asian and one of a kind.

Going beyond the afterburn

Fitness. It is not always about laboring with weights or cardio for hours. Rest and recovery are just as important as any other rigorous activity we invest our time on. And maybe it is about time to rethink your game plan and add recuperation to your list of fitness must-dos.
Recuperation. The state of recovering and replenishing the lost energy until it comes back to a considerable normal state. It’s not rocket science and is as natural as gaining weight after a long bout of overeating. Because it seems easy and natural, we often take it for granted. However, something as easy as recuperation can cause your plans of staying fit to go awry around if taken lightly. Philosophers, though they are no sportsmen, have it right. In everything, we must find balance. And the ratio of working out to recuperation is no exemption.
Workoutholics, we hear you. Nothing beats the adrenalin rush in every additional kilo lifted, every kilometer conquered, every pose perfected, and every smash, hit, or pu…

199 Reasons to Love Dunkin’ Donuts Combos

With over thirty Classic donut flavors we all know and love, their mini versions in the Munchkins, over 18 Premium donut variants for the sophisticated palate, Bunwich creations to sate your savory tooth, and fresh coffee brewed or over ice, there’s truly countless ways to fall in love with Dunkin’ Donuts.
As if that’s not enough, the Philippines’ leading donuts, coffee, and baked goods chain launched P199 combos, giving us another reason why there’s only Dunkin’ for us. Whether you want to satisfy a craving for a childhood favorite, share a snack with office friends, or have coffee with a friend, there’s always a combo for you.
Need a take-home treat for the family? Classic Donuts and Munchkins are crowd pleasers that you can bring at home, also to children’s parties, picnics, and as snacks for outings and school.

Food Trip: SM City San Lazaro

This summer, its a good idea to get out of the hot weather and have a food trip at the nearest mall. One of the community malls in the area is SM City San Lazaro which houses hundreds of food choices for those adventurous or just want something different.
Me and some fellow bloggers went to taste some of the offerings in the mall particularly at the food court. This is where you can find all-time favorites like Binalot, Sisig Hooray and Master Shomai.

Tanduay Ice Light: Indulge more this summer, sans the guilt

Light drinkers come alive and celebrate, as Tanduay Ice Light gives you more and more reasons to drink, sans the guilt. Body conscious, weight watcher, but a party buff? You’ve just been given the liberty to enjoy the night without the belly worry.
Tanduay Ice Light comes in deliciously refreshing citrus flavors, with the perfect 4.5% alcohol kick, but with fewer calories. Set aside that calorie tracker, and just be your natural life-of-the-party self, for this drink has 30% less calories than your regular beer.

Ristorante Bigoli All-You-Can-Eat PIzza and Pasta Challenge!

Ristorante Bigoli is known for their service and also thier Italian menu especially for favorites like Pizza and pasta. And recently they offered "All You Can Eat" Pizza and Pasta for customers who could not get enough of their cuisine. Also don't forget the breadsticks which goes well with every dish and also a great appetizer. 
Bigoli launched the All-You-Can-Eat Challenge in their stores and they can qualify  when they avail of the All-you-can-eat Pizza and Pasta meal.