FOOD NEWS: Quality Angus Beef and French Baked Goods in SM Supermarket

Dining experience gets a level up with quality bread and meat. But it is always our fear that they would be costly and would never fit the budget. Also consider that there are only a few store offering quality meats like Angus beef and authentic bread  like the French would make.

I know that we can indulge ourselves and our family this great tasting treats that will also open our taste horizon and also appreciate French cuisine which is considered as one of the best in the world.

But now, you can now enjoy these breads and meats at very reasonable prices and available at SM Supermarkets! Yes with Sm Supermarkets expanding and being more convenient to communities, they will offer certified Angus Beef and breads from Chateau De France!

SM Supermarket Launches the ‘certified’ Angus Beef and Chateau de France

SM Supermarket now gives you more reasons to make it your favorite supermarket destination. Aside from offering great selection of items, and providing unbeatable service, it adds to its arsenal a flurry of delectable meats and superb breads and pastries.

SM Supermarket brings you such fine selections worthy of your exquisite taste. SM brings you the certified Angus Beef and the best French baked products from Chateau de France.

Good Meats for Good Eats

SM Supermarket has “beefed up” its meat selection by offering one of the best tasting meats known to man, the Angus beef. It’s beef known for its first class quality and taste. It is the reason behind perfect steaks, juicy roasts, and great tasting burgers. It guarantees tenderness, juiciness, and extreme satisfaction in every bite.

In fact, the beef is so good that even people not big on beef would surely notice the difference between Angus and plain regular beef. It is so good that you won’t miss the difference.

The secret is in the structure of its meat. The word “Angus” pertains to a type of cattle native to Angus and Aberdeenshire, Scotland. They are hornless cows that are known for having one of the best marbled meats (nice fat layered flesh). The perfect marbling of the Angus beef is the very reason of its superior taste and tenderness.

What’s more, at SM Supermarket Makati, for every kilo of Angus beef, a shopper gets to take home free imported cheese (choices include brie, blue cheese, edamer, gouda, mozzarella, aromeo, cedar red and cedar white). So better hurry and grab it now.

The Certified Angus Beef will also be initially available in SM Supermarket Makati and soon in other SM Supermarket branches such as SM Megamall A & B, Baguio, and Naga.

Welcome to the French Kingdom

Filipinos are big fans of French food especially their bakeshops. Who isn’t?

It’s one of the finest cuisines in the world. There’s just nothing like the sweet aroma of baking bread while snacking on freshly made croissants, macarons, and the ever so

popular French bread. It’s a feeling of love felt while indulging in heavenly baked goodies that taste as good as they are hard to pronounce.

But of course, finding a good French bake shop is not that easy. Well that’s all in the past now as SM Supermarket Makati houses the Chateau de France; the authentic and complete French bakery experience. It’s just like going to France and back to get breads, pastries, sandwiches, salads and more.
Your trip to SM Supermarket is your first class ticket to France. You’ll have the Chateau de France experience initially at SM Supermarket Makati.

For Your Discriminating Taste

Now that SM Supermarket offers exquisite Angus beef and excellent French goodies, you can now grab it at anytime. You can now satisfy your cravings because the best tasting gourmet are waiting for you at the favorite shopping destination, SM Supermarket.

SM Supermarket understands that there is simply no substitute for the best. It’s either SM Supermarket serves the best or risk disappointing its valued shoppers. That is why it delivers only the best services and products, to satisfy every customer’s discriminating taste and to guarantee satisfaction in every visit.


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