FOOD STOPS: Little Asia

Little has it been known that Asian cuisine is not just noodles and dimsum, it is actually the biggest and most diverse array of flavors which one should actually discover. Little Asia proves that indeed Asia is not only big in land mass but also the diversity of the delightful dishes of the east.

We dined in one of their branch located in Tomas Morato where we also met the owner/manager Charlemagne, that helped us in identifying their dishes which ranges from Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and many more. But first I have noticed the unusual interiors of Little Asia which is more European and classical contemporary with chandelier, mirrors and seats which is quite far from the eastern ambiance. He told us that  this kind of interior is not new to Asian restaurants especially in China which gives it a modern yet inviting atmosphere.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

fresh vegetables with a soft and chewy wrapper  which is not heavy yet improves appetite

Little Asia's Crispy Chicken
Their own original recipie and is one of the best sellers for Little Asia, with a semi-crispy skin is actually very juicy for a fried chicken.

Drunken Lengua in Mushroom Brown Sauce
Lengua is my favorite part and cooking it "drunk" with mushroom sauce is indeed heaven and my krytonite

Sichuan Chicken
Yes, those are spicy! For the more adventurous foodie to spice things up with the menu and also a favorite my many!

Beef Tenderloin Rolls With Cheese in Tereyaki Sauce
I drooled when this came to the table, and I found food nirvana on the first taste, cheese and beef are is a good food combination and the tereyaki sauce just makes everything taste better!

Coconut Fish Fillet

Creamy and would be something Pinoys would like beacause of the coconut milk mixed with it.

Thai Eggplant with Minced Pork and Shrimps 

If you want something more healthy, why not go Thai with this eggplant with pork and shrimps  which is best paired with rice

For this stop, it was white hard for me to choose what would be the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED dish for Little Asia, but after personal deliberation and weighing their factors, I come to the conclusion that the best dish for the stop is Beef Tenderloin Rolls With Cheese in Tereyaki Sauce, because of its innovative approach to cheese and beef, which only happens on burgers, but with the mix of both makes it a dish worth your buck and also you taste.

Now for some desserts, let have mangoes and chocolate. First is the mango tower which is served with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate and bam! There goes your diet! If you would have space left (of course, there is always room for desserts!) try the chocolate-coated camote chips shaped into parabolic chips and coated with rich chocolate and also a scoop of ice cream on the side. 
I realized that even with Asian food, it still have a lot of varieties and close to the Filipino taste  which make its a great fusion restaurant. The ambiance also gives that feeling of modern dining with traditional dishes. It would leave you with that feeling of sophistication and modern glamour dining without spending too much. By the way, don't forget to tell them you heard these information from fud fyt/manual to lyf and they might have something in store for you when you dine!


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