FOOD STOPS: Koh Samui Thai Cuisine

I'm getting used to Thai food lately with restaurants featuring Thai cuisine and some even employing Thai cooks to ensure the authentic Siam taste. And lately we came across Koh Samui Restaurant at Hobbies Center in Macapagal Avenue.

From the facade, it would definitely look Thai with the elephants and the golden details at the door. It looks so regal and makes you feel like a royalty. The interiors are a mix of traditional Thai royal halls with some colonial feel with the tables and the bar. It would definitely be a great venue for parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

The restaurant is named after the famous beach island in Thailand Koh Samui, but is not just exclusive to Thai cuisine but also Chinese. The menu is a mix of Thai and Chinese delicacies which is an interesting mix. Here are some of the menu that we have tried for this stop.

Chicken Feet Salad
Hassle-free chicken feet soft yet chewy. Good starter for the meal

Pineapple Shrimp Salad
Interestingly made and served on the half of the pineapple with a fruity mix of sweet flavors

Deep Fried Shrimp Cake
Shrimp shaped into pancakes and made into a pizza-like cut. with clam sauce for dip is one of their best sellers
Barbecue Pork Neck Meat
marinated for 24 hours, made with the left and right side of pork neck made with a sweet sauce on the side

Singapore Chicken Salad Roll
Creamy, crunchy chicken with lettuce makes it a light yet delectable dish

Deep Fried Lapu Lapu with Mango
Bathed in a sea of mango sauce and mango strips with the Lapu lapu fish crispy which makes it sweet and salty

Signature Chicken Pandan
Soft, crumchy aromatic meaty chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and deep fried to perfection, this is something Filipino in their menu

Charcoal Chicken
12 hours marinated and with a smooth texture and juicy and smoky flavor.

Tom Yam Soup
With some of the tom yam soup too hot for me to handle, this came at a good spicy level which is leveled to the Filipino taste.

Koh Samui Golden Crab
Their pride and joy with a big crab glazed in curry and looks too regal to eat, it an be a little bit messy but the taste is worth it. 

Lamb Chop
Lamb chop roasted to tasty parts which is best enjoyed with more people.

Cabbage With Bacon
Bacon! Yes, no question about it. The Cabbage is there to keep the healthy balance

Pineapple Fried Rice
Rice with pineapple is what I found weird at first because of the crunchy texture and sweet pineapple flavor yet found myself craving for more

Pad Thai
A traditional Thailand dish that should never be left out. It can be a good staple with the other dishes.

We also tried their Thai milk teas and also the house teas which are also really good. They also have a bar for more drink options and a function room for private and corporate gatherings. In this stop, for out HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,  I choose the Barbecue Pork Neck Meat for its taste, presentation and also the serving size. The Tom Yum soup and Deep Fried Shrimp Cake came at close second.

We can define Koh Samui as more like of Asian fusion cusine with more than just Thai and Chinese dishes but also Southeast Asian dishes that give more variety and also value without gong with the usual. Try this new flavors of Asia with Koh Samui!


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