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FOOD STOPS: Koh Samui Thai Cuisine

I'm getting used to Thai food lately with restaurants featuring Thai cuisine and some even employing Thai cooks to ensure the authentic Siam taste. And lately we came across Koh Samui Restaurant at Hobbies Center in Macapagal Avenue.
From the facade, it would definitely look Thai with the elephants and the golden details at the door. It looks so regal and makes you feel like a royalty. The interiors are a mix of traditional Thai royal halls with some colonial feel with the tables and the bar. It would definitely be a great venue for parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

FOOD NEWS: Figaro Fort Pointe Now Open!

Another branch of the Filipino coffee brand Figaro now opens a new store in Bonifacio Global City at the Fort Pointe. The new franchise store is located at 28th street near Bonifacio High Street, BGC.

This would also mean good news to coffee lovers around the area especially to people who loves to chill after partying at nearby clubs. The store offers all your favorite Figaro drinks, pasta, meals, and desserts. They also have the loved breakfast meals which is gives variety among their pasta and dinner meals.

The new store becomes a convenient coffee oasis amidst the large market around it. Since it is located near commercial and business areas which has embraced the coffee lifestyle. The store may not be as big compared to other figaro branches nearby but provides a comfortable ambiance which would give that 'relaxed' feel when dining. They also have seats for al fresco dining for those who love to feel the global city breeze.
Figaro Fort Pointe opens daily Get also discounts on…

FOOD STOPS: Little Asia

Little has it been known that Asian cuisine is not just noodles and dimsum, it is actually the biggest and most diverse array of flavors which one should actually discover. Little Asia proves that indeed Asia is not only big in land mass but also the diversity of the delightful dishes of the east.
We dined in one of their branch located in Tomas Morato where we also met the owner/manager Charlemagne, that helped us in identifying their dishes which ranges from Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and many more. But first I have noticed the unusual interiors of Little Asia which is more European and classical contemporary with chandelier, mirrors and seats which is quite far from the eastern ambiance. He told us that  this kind of interior is not new to Asian restaurants especially in China which gives it a modern yet inviting atmosphere.