Great Food Best Paired With The Best Beer!

What time is it?
I love going on Food Adventures.

And this why I have my own food blog which started as a section in my main blog Manual To Lyf. Fud Fyt has been part of my blogging life since 2009 and have been to many restaurants in and out of the metro. This opened my understanding of food and drinks. From the ingredients, the preparations  the creative ways of servings, and the taste, makes the food experience unforgettable. 

I may not be a big time food blogger, but I do love to take time on details and even the cultural relevance of dishes from different places. Indeed it was an adventure especially when I go to far places like Quezon or Baguio. I also say that drinks are part of the great food adventure with a lot of choices and also countless ways to mix them and even pair them with mouthwatering dishes. 

Years ago, I was not a really a beer drinker thinking that its does not taste good or its will make me feel dizzy. This perspective was probably due to seeing people drinking too much which eventually spoil moments. However, when I was able to try and appreciate drinks such as wine, whiskey  and beer completely broke my negative perception of them. Of course, with moderation and control, everything will be fine.

Now looking at the possible pairs that can be made with premium drinks like the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews: 

San Miguel Premium All-Malt Premium, San Miguel Super Dry, and Cerveza Negra. Each one is distinct and unique flavor that is best experienced while dining.
Among the three variants, I love the San Miguel All-Malt Premium Beer which surprized as it tasted better than the foreign beers that I have tasted before. I consider this the best beer for me. I tried this at an event where they served San Miguel products and chose to try out the  San Miguel All-Malt Premium Beer. The restaurant served Filipino dishes like Bulalo, Bangus, Lumpia and turon!

So if you want to go on a gastronomic journey, its your call. Make sure that you make the most of each foodie moment. Savor the flavor, drink moderately, and don't forget desserts! It's always good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.

“Drinking experience that’s above the ordinary”


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