FOOD STOPS: Peri Peri Chicken

With too many chicken establishments around, the general taste became so common as batter-filled, fried and with  regular flavors with original and spicy only. Though I also love inasal, I would also come to a point that I need to taste a different flavor and style. 

This is what I'm glad to try out Peri Peri Chicken. It's a Portuguese restaurant featuring their flame-grilled chicken, with special flavors of Peri Mild , Lemon and Garlic, and Peri Hot. Cuts can be of choices of solo, half and whole chicken. Interestingly when served, it seems to be laid flat on the plate yet you can see and smell the flavors it possess. When the spicy chicken was placed on our table, the first thing I noticed is not seeing the chicken itself, but the pungent and flavorful aroma of the different herbs and spices. Though it may not be super hot to stream our ears with smoke, it actually uses the spiciness to enhance the flavor of the chicken, thus making it more interesting.

The Peri Peri chicken can be paired with java rice or pita bread. Their smoothies are also available with a more affordable price than others, for this stop I got a mango banana smoothie. You can also boost your dining experience by also trying their salad. 

I did also tried the other flavors like Peri Mild and Lemon and Garlic, and though not a spicy flavor fan, I did love the Peri Hot flavor and place the Highly Recommended seal of approval for this food stop. The rich falvor of spiciness is not just in the outside, but the inside as well. 

They also have special sauces that can increase the spiciness level with a mix of sauces and spices mixed and served as condiments for the table. Actually you can also buy a bottle for them directly. Flavors are Hot Peri-peri sauce and Mild Peri-peri sauce. 

And to cap off the Portuguese experience, take a bite on their desserts like the Cheesecakes and Tiramisu which are larger that I expected. And indeed, it made my food trip day filled with new yet delicous food with a complete meal with a roller coaster of great flavors and textures. If you love chicken with a different kick, yet more affordable compared to similar restaurants, Peri-peri chicken is indeed a must-try.


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