FOOD STOPS: Komrad Restaurant

When you speak of the word KOMRAD, it rings a bell to the communist community particularly in Russia and China. But we know that one of the greatest communist influencer that came from China, which is Chairman Mao Zedong (Mao Tse Tsung). And since he hailed from the Sichuan Province, the dishes featured in this restaurant are based from that region.

The restaurant has already 2 branches, one in Eastwood City Libis and a new one in Il Terrazo in Tomas Morato. The ambiance of the restaurant is indeed different from others with every corner having that communist and revolutionary China and filled with Chairman Mao's pictures and articles giving praise to the modern Chinese leader and the hard working people of the Republic of China. But don't worry, its still your democracy that chooses the dishes you want to order. Now here are some of their menus.

Seafood Spinach Soup

This appetizing soup is something unqiue with its green color yet is similar with viscosity of an egg drop soup. It would remind you that this soup is filled with green leafy goodness as you go through the other menu. 

Kung Pao Shrimp Balls

Seafood maybe something of a luxury dish back in the days especially with the mainland provinces far from the sea, yet this is brought to you with fresh shrimps and flavored with that sweet and  (a little) salty which is a great taste combination especially for this shrip dish.

Mao's Pork

Pork has been a Chinese meat favorite with almost countless versions and flavors. For this dish, it has some kick to it that is neither too hot or too sweet. The flavors also comes up while chewing. This is our pick for the highly recommended for this food stop!

Fukien Noodles

Of course noodles are a must in every Chinese restaurant. And Fukien style noodles are what I consider "rebelious" type with a contrast of flavors and textures ranging from mild spicy to saucy sweet with noodles, greens and meat.  

Komrad Rice

Communism comes from the word commune, which is the basic unit in the society and it also generally means shared resources. For this rice variant, it also incorporate the flavor of Sichuan Province with some mild spicy flavor presented in a dome shaped serving. 

Well we will see if we can feature more dishes from KOMRAD, which we tried in their branch in Il Terrazo Tomas Morato. Check out more photos below and feel the food revolution coming now so go ahead and let start the commune of foodies with KOMRAD now!



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