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Tokyo Grill by SumoSam opens in SM Manila

The much awaited opening at Tokyo Grill by SumoSam at the bustling city of Manila finally happened. An 80-seating capacity fast casual dining restaurant located at the 4th floor of SM Manila, near the cinema wing, the restaurant's interior is distinctly appealing with its bright orange color that visually appreciate the food's preparation process.
From the dynamic team who made SumoSam, Tokyo Grill boast of an original concept, the country's first Sizzling Bento Grill, translating to a unique dining experience where guests can enjoy the long-lasting hot grilled meats, with various types of Asian rice and mixed vegetables. Guests can choose from Beef, Chicken, Pork or Salmon. Another star of the menu is the skewered grilled meats in bite size delights, kushiyaki or grilled kushiage or fried.

Tokyo grill by SumoSam is slowly but surely gaining popularity because of its Japanese heritage and its bold menu, such as the Japanese Bibimbap (famous Korean dish), the Japas (Japanese …

FOOD STOPS: Kung Fu Kitchen Feasts of Fury

Kung Fu Kitchen of KFK revolutionized Philippine Modern casual Chinese dining by bringing together two elements - frest and fast! KFK warrior-chefs are battle-tested chefs in the best Chinese-trained kitchens in the country - all of whom have one battle cry: to serve the best Chinese comfort cooking, affordably, and in fun and energetic dining ambiance.

One fourth of KFK arsenal is called the KFK BOXERS - combo meals 'ala Bento Boxes. More than twenty favorite comfort Chinese dishes could be mixed and matched in one amazing 'warior's box.' in KFK, any one person can have an entire feast!
The inspiration behind KFK are the countless 20th century Kung Fu films depicting stories of warrior underdogs and there transcendence in different challenging senarios.

In KFK, families on the other hand share a break from the challenges of life and may take part of freshly prepared quality Cantonese and Sichuan dishes for sharing. There's also dimsum and roasting choices.
KFK definit…

Red Crab Alimango House in Lucky Chinatown Mall Now Open!

Binondo -Divisoria area gets an upgrade with the erection of its new landmark the Lucky Chinatown Mall and even though it is new, businesses are coming with its opening and it becomes a high lifestyle area and a new hangout place for the youth.
Alimango house whose menu is known with 24 ways of cooking crabs have officially opened to the public with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim leadinhg the event. This would be the grand opening of the newest Red Crab branch as the reataurant continues to expand. They also recently opened a branch in Subic.
As Christmas comes near, Divisoria will be one of the places for shopping and now dinning. Why not drop by Red Crab Alimango House now open to serve hungry customers of quality seafood dishes especially with how you want you Alimango cooked.
Check out Red Crab Alimango House in Lucky Chinatown Mall now!