Tokyo Grill by SumoSam opens in SM Manila

The much awaited opening at Tokyo Grill by SumoSam at the bustling city of Manila finally happened. An 80-seating capacity fast casual dining restaurant located at the 4th floor of SM Manila, near the cinema wing, the restaurant's interior is distinctly appealing with its bright orange color that visually appreciate the food's preparation process. 

From the dynamic team who made SumoSam, Tokyo Grill boast of an original concept, the country's first Sizzling Bento Grill, translating to a unique dining experience where guests can enjoy the long-lasting hot grilled meats, with various types of Asian rice and mixed vegetables. Guests can choose from Beef, Chicken, Pork or Salmon. Another star of the menu is the skewered grilled meats in bite size delights, kushiyaki or grilled kushiage or fried.

Tokyo grill by SumoSam is slowly but surely gaining popularity because of its Japanese heritage and its bold menu, such as the Japanese Bibimbap (famous Korean dish), the Japas (Japanese small plates), Tokyo Grill Nachos. Jap Pao (Sweetened Slow Cooked Pork), the fried maki or rolls. Plus guests will literally enjoy the unlimited rice, miso soup, Coke or iced tea.

Experience the goodness of Japanese and Asian cuisine, matched with a cozy atmosphere and friendly service, at a surprizingly great value for money.

Tokyo Grill by SumoSam is open everyday from 10 AM to 11 PM


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