FOOD STOPS: Kung Fu Kitchen Feasts of Fury

Kung Fu Kitchen of KFK revolutionized Philippine Modern casual Chinese dining by bringing together two elements - frest and fast! KFK warrior-chefs are battle-tested chefs in the best Chinese-trained kitchens in the country - all of whom have one battle cry: to serve the best Chinese comfort cooking, affordably, and in fun and energetic dining ambiance.

One fourth of KFK arsenal is called the KFK BOXERS - combo meals 'ala Bento Boxes. More than twenty favorite comfort Chinese dishes could be mixed and matched in one amazing 'warior's box.' in KFK, any one person can have an entire feast!

The inspiration behind KFK are the countless 20th century Kung Fu films depicting stories of warrior underdogs and there transcendence in different challenging senarios.

In KFK, families on the other hand share a break from the challenges of life and may take part of freshly prepared quality Cantonese and Sichuan dishes for sharing. There's also dimsum and roasting choices.

KFK definitely brings the best value in Casual dining. The first store is locate at the 4th level of SM City Manila, and is opening more stores nationwide in the next two years.


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