FOOD STOPS: Jelly-G Drinks

Milk tea today are mostly from Chinese or Taiwanese origin. But do you know that there is also great milk teas that came from Thailand? JELLY G is the currently only drink brand in the market that serves authentic, creamy and perfectly blended THAI milk tea.   

Thai Milk Tea, which originated in Thailand, is the main product of Jelly G. It is popular for its deep amber color of the tea and its milk-tinted layer. The combination of strongly-steeped tea, dairy and sugar make it a perfect complement to refresh ones thirst.   

We had an opportunity to taste these Thai teas with very unique flavors and mix.

  • Thai Milk Tea - One of the best seller which is an authentic Thai milk tea experience
  • Black Tea  
  • Cheesy Mango - a fusion of different tastes and textures of mango, cheese and rock salt makes this a one of kind drink and my favorite so far.
  • Choco Bravo Banana -  It has this smooth taste like a milkshake beacause of the banana, really refreshing!
  • Carameletto - a great fusion that can perk you up 
  • Jasmine Green Tea -  fragrant with the aromatic scent of jasmine, perfect for relaxation
Apart from Thai Milk Tea, other variations of Tea, Coffee and Fruit Juices are also available. All these drinks are fresh and natural. Tea leaves and coffee grounded beans are freshly steeped, guaranteeing each customers of the drink’s vividness. Fruit juices are made from puree, preserving its natural flavour and fruitfulness. Each drink is then sweetened and blended to reach its creaminess. To enhance and heighten its taste and visual appeal, grass jelly is added that intensifies the richness of the authentic Jelly G drink.  

Consequently, each Jelly G drink has its own health benefits. Tea and coffee have been widely known to have valuable nutrieny ts and health benefits. Since Jelly G is authentic, natural and fresh, customers would be assured that each drink would give their body good nutrients and proper nutrition.  

JellyG branches: 
  • Food Choices, Glorietta 4 
  • 3rd Level Activity Center Market!Market!
  • Food Choices, Alabang Town Center Activity Center
  • MarQuee Mall Ground Level
  • Robinsons Metroeast 3rd Levell
  • SM Marikina 2nd Level, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
  •  3rd Level, Festival Supermall
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