NEW FOOD: #KFCCheeseTop Burger

OMG! KFC just delivered a package for me here at school. What's inside is no mystery but the latest food offering from KFC! The Cheese Top Burger. As we know, these also made news over the internet with its unique look of having the cheese on top. Others thought it was a joke, a crazy idea, and even made it to a late night show in the US.Well from the looks of it, it actually looks cute to have the cheese on top which actually gives a more cheesy flavor instead of it mixed with the condiments inside the burger. 

It also reminded me of another food favorite which is the puto with the cheese on top. which makes teh flavor stand out instead of having the cheese inside. What's also new is the Original recipe chicken patty with it garlic parmesan sauce. For me it seems to have that cheesy-garlicy flavor. It's actually a new burger experience (aside from the double down also from KFC). And compared to a cheeseburger meal it is indeed streetwise as I may say.

KFC Introduces Cheese Top Burger as its newest Product Innovation

From the home of the world-famous Original Recipe Chicken, Krushers, DOuble Down, and twister comes another exciting product innovation that has already captured the interest of Filipino netizens -  Cheese Top Burger

The Cheese Top Burger is not your ordinary burger. Instead of putting a slice of cheese, KFC baked it into the bread itself so that it's mess free to eat. This also makes the burger bun tastier and cheesier, something that Filipinos love to enjoy. KFC also used a special garlic parmesan dressing that goes well with the bread and enhances its flavor along with the signature original Recipe Chicken patty with the colonel's 11 secret herbs and spices to complete this truly one-of-kind burger. Available in all KFC stores nationwide, the Cheese Top Burger is part of the Streetwise Value Menu for the affordable price of Php 50 with drink.

Try it yourself and be the judge and tweet it with the hashtag #KFCCheeseTop

So Good!


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